Cubasis For iOS Update Adds Support For Latest iPad Pro Models & More

Steinberg has released Cubasis 2.7, the latest version of its mobile DAW for iPad.

The update brings support for the latest iPad Pro models, new effects options, support for up to three AU MIDI plugins per track and more.

Here’s what Steinberg says about the updates in Cubasis 2.7:

Micrologue ARP (in-app purchase)
Boost Cubasis’ Micrologue synth with a full-blown, feature-packed Arpeggiator. In addition, enjoy more than 75 earth-shaking ready-to-use presets to get you going instantly.

Native-resolution support for iPad Pro 11″ & 12.9” 2018
Enjoy an unrivalled user experience when running Cubasis on Apple’s brand-new iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9” 2018 devices.

95 new effects presets
Enjoy 95 fresh new effects presets to polish individual tracks via a simple button press, to instantly make them sound right or further tweak them to your taste.

Audio Unit MIDI Plug-in slots extension
Maximise your creativity by combining up to three Audio Unit MIDI plug-ins per track, such as arpeggiator, step sequencer, LFO and many more.

MIDI Thru refresh
Use Cubasis as your control center to easily re-route incoming MIDI to different channels for output to Core MIDI apps or hardware.

Mixdown normalize
Give mixdowns extra polish before sharing them with the world via a simple tap, quickly bringing them to the perfect level.

Keyboard transpose setting
Easily change the transposition of the on-board keyboard and external gear up to two octaves in both directions via the new keyboard transpose setting.

Extended MIDI editor range
Enjoy flexible MIDI editing from the highest highs to the lowest lows, with the extended C -2 to G8 MIDI editor range.

Audiobus 3.0.6 library update
Cubasis has been first to offer straight forward Audiobus integration, and again assures the best possible performance by embedding Audiobus’ latest 3.0.6 library update.

Elastique Pro 3.2.7 library update
Enjoy unchanged, fluent performance when changing the tempo or pitch of audio files in real-time with Cubasis, thanks to integrating the latest Elastique Pro 3.2.7 library update.

Pricing and Availability:

Cubasis 2.7 is available now for US $24.99. Some features are available via In-App purchases.

19 thoughts on “Cubasis For iOS Update Adds Support For Latest iPad Pro Models & More

    1. My last iPhone and iPad updates were before the fucktarded idea to remove the headphone jacks.
      I will die before I buy another Apple iOS hardware product.

      My first computer was an Apple IIe so long history as an Apple user, but I have seen them over the last few years get crappier. It seems like every upgrade fucked up or removed features I found useful.
      I use my “pre fucktarded idea of ditching earphone jack” iPhones and iPads everyday,
      but I will never ever give them any more of my $$$ for hardware.

      1. I agree. In hindsight, I can see the “wisdom” of some of their decisions– e.g., it turns out I don’t use a CD burner much.

        However, a headphone/line out jack is something that I have used since the beginning, and the D to A is actually pretty decent.

        I recently and begrudgingly got a new iPad because I wanted to get one with a headphone jack before the next headphone-less one.

        Surely, an overpriced lightning adapter to use cans is one solution, or having to plug in some kind of audio interface to use cans is another. But it really shouldn’t be necessary.

        For some, BT cans are fine, but for people doing audio work, even a little latency is too much latency.

      2. I join this club. Multiple times a week I would need a 3,5 audio connector on my iPhone and it doesn’t have one. Yeah, I have bt headphones, but still. The adapter which came with the phone is already dead after not much use (apple cables are the worst, I have still functioning usb cables from 2000 ffs) and even if it worked it would be located on wrong place. And I refuse to buy new shitty adapters from Apple. My next phone won’t be an Apple one even for this sole reason the frustration this has caused.

        So keep your products, Apple – your mojo is lost.

  1. Using this post as a springboard for a question about ios and controlled voltage. I have seen apps that output “controlled voltage” from the headphone jack…but is there a device that converts CV to midi so you can trigger and sync analog synths to your ios apps? Also possibly outputting midi and turning that into CV into your analag synth? Thanks!

  2. Yes, you can get audio from the Apple connector but then you can’t load the new Apple devices at the same time. You have to waste the only jack their devices have left, for a silly, pricey addon jack standing in your way, because Apple management morons are just too stupid to understand how musicians want to use their gear.
    It has been an utterly sick Apple move, to remove the earphone jacks from both iphones and ipad. I say that as owner of an iPad Pro 12.9 of the last generation, an iPad Pro 9.7 and an iphone 6s, who will completely ignore their clueless new designs, without headphone jacks, for years to come! They just don’t understand what musicians want and need, or they don’t care.

    The new Cubasis to me is one of the most important Cubasis updates ever! It finally allows normal midi workflow (instead of having to switch channels back and forth) for interapp midi and interapp audio devices, among them important ones like Korg Module. That’s a BIG difference in midi workflow, and one without which I would’t seriously want to record with Cubasis.

    1. Adapters, docks and cables are just a part of computer life, iPad or not, especially with musicians and always has been. My laptop is like an octopus with all ports used and I still use a dock for even more connections. There are dozens of multiport USB-C docks which include a headphone output for latency free audio. I use an external audio interface anyway because I need MIDI/Audio I/O and keyboard input. I was never impressed by the audio quality of the tiny headphone amp inside iOS devices. Thankfully the new iPad Pros have an even faster, more flexible port now allowing for way more potential.

      1. Well, if they want to replace firewire and Thunderbolt with USB C, I guess that’s fine, and adapters will work.

        But there is some inconsistency with the idea of thinner and more portable, and having to add adapters to use something as every-day as headphones.

        1. “But there is some inconsistency with the idea of thinner and more portable, and having to add adapters to use something as every-day as headphones.”

          Exactly. Thank you stub.
          Penny wise pound foolish as my Nana used to say.

      2. Forget my studio/music tool complaints about taking away something as basic as a headphone jack but also as a landscape photographer i use my iPhone for just simple music listening out in the field and now I have to get some other peripheral to just simply play music? We know why apple did this. Sorry but for me IMHO, Apple can suck it. I have 2 iPad pros, iPad mini, iPad Ist gen(2), iPad Air 2 all with headphone jacks. I run them all when in the studio into a Mackie 16 channel mixer using the headphone outs via cable works cables, direct into SoundForge, output audio quality is more than adequate. Too many times Apple has fucked up existing software, taken away features and/or just changed stuff to make more $$$.

      3. I really rarely have my audio interface with me on the go. House party – let me put the music on for a change, I have a great playlist!

        Wait no… lets use your 100€ android instead, I don’t have my adapter with me.

      4. Adapters, docks and cables are only acceptable when you use the iPad in a kind of home recording environment, else they are completely unwelcome ballast, ironically banned from the inside of new iPads, just to be tons more unnerving on the outside.
        With my actual iPads, I can sit in nice places in the garden or on travels, unpack my iPad, plug a Korg Micro Key into my iPad connector, plug headphones into headphone jacks and begin recording into Cubasis. The present generation iPhones and iPads don’t offer this easy functionality, and thus are heavily overpriced crap for musicians.
        And while we are at it: the iPad earphone connector heard through my FischerAmps quality earphones sounds ten times as good, as through the incredibly low audio quality of my Apple earpods over bluetooth.

        Bottom line: the new iPhones and iPads have so much processing power, and still they are an utterly stupid downgrade, for all musicians with a rest of practical common sense in their minds.

  3. I thought this was article about latest Cubasis release… Back to the topic.
    Yet another great update to already the best DAW on iOS.
    Thanks Steinberg

  4. I tested this new cubasis update with my iPad Pro 2018 (without a headphone out, I know and the new hp out dongle sounds jus fine btw!) and I am seriously disappointed with the CPU power of this latest gen iPad. Tests claim modern day laptop power but I can only run like 4-5 AU instruments inside cubasis before getting audio glitches and dropouts.

    Seriously, who give af about a headphone jack when this thing cant even run a bunch of plugins without glitching. Some optimizations are sorely needed here!!

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