Ambient Music For Waldorf Blofeld, QY100 & Specular Tempus

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Lanthan O’Ide shared this ambient track, sequenced on a Yamaha QY100, set to underwater footage recorded by the Okeanos Explorer.

Here’s what O’Ide has to say about the song:

A while ago FrankTheTank asked me in the comments if I knew any good hardware sequencer for ambient music. Of course, I responded praising the QY100, but it occurred to me that I actually haven’t used it for pads, soundscapes and such yet. Only live-recording and replaying midis.

So I made myself a little challenge:

I wanted to make an ambient song that’s sequenced entirely on a QY, without a computer or other midi controllers. Also, I only allowed myself to use patches from the Blofeld soundset I released a while ago.

And this is what I came up with.

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