12 thoughts on “The Chemical Brothers – ‘MAH’

    1. I had to skip around this….

      So many folks who created amazing music seem to have lost their spark.

      The mix on this is unbalanced and the song is bland.

      I do not like to say I miss the “old days” but this is sub par for their name.

      I liked the opening but it never went anywhere fresh… in fact, it hardly went anywhere…
      I am glad they have visuals as this will maybe save or disguise the rest of what is happening or rather not happening.

      I remember when Tom and Ed were the Dust Brothers UK. I met then in NY in the early 90s.
      Anyhow…. this and the latest Prodigy are lackluster.

      I do, however, enjoy a bunch of the most recent work, Jack Dangers is doing. Check out his work with Kraftwerk frontman and his Meat Beat Manifesto releases too.

      1. @Shok
        Thing is what other options creatively do artists past their heydey have.

        One major option is to visit Thousands schools, colleges, learning institutes to inspire future generations.
        This would be lifelong .

        Also set up Media company to Champion future generations.

  1. Anyone there for The Brothers Trafalgar Square London 2007.
    Felt de Beats through the Earth Chemicals V Festival 2008.
    90s Most Diverse Electronic Music Era.
    The Brothers were right in de mix

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