Hypersynth Hcard Brings Massive Memory Upgrade To Roland D-50, Yamaha DX-7 Synths

Hypersynth has introduced the Hcard series, a new line of multibank memory cards that give your Yamaha DX-7, DX-7-II or Roland D-50 synthesizer up to 100 new memory banks for storing patches.

In a nutshell, the cards fit in y0ur synth’s existing memory card slot, but instead of adding one bank of memory, they add up to 100 memory banks.


  • Available in three models:
    • Hcard-701 for Yamaha DX7 MKI – Memory size: Up to 100 banks (3200 presets).
    • Hcard-702 for Yamaha DX7-II/FD – Memory size: Up to 100 banks (6400 presets).
    • Hcard-750 for Roland D-50 – Memory size: Up to 64 banks (6400 presets).
  • Instant access to different banks using touch buttons.
  • Two digits bank indicator display.
  • No need for battery.
  • Hidden “Memory Protect” option.
  • Pre-programmed sound-banks.
  • External display support.

External LCD Display Option

In addition to the memory expansion cards, Hypersynth has announced plans for an optional add-on display, to make it easier to browse big patch libraries.

Hcards are equipped with a micro USB port for connecting to an external display, called “H-Display”. H-Display automatically reads the current bank, previews all presets names and highlights the active preset.

The H-Display is currently under development, but will be compatible with current Hcards.

Pricing and Availability

The Hcards are available now, with these prices:

  • Hcard-701: €91 / $104 USD
  • Hcard-702: €91 / $104 USD
  • Hcard-750: €95 / $109 USD

20 thoughts on “Hypersynth Hcard Brings Massive Memory Upgrade To Roland D-50, Yamaha DX-7 Synths

  1. They’ve been teasing something for a while. I was hoping it was a polysynth along the lines of the Xenophone. (Which might be one of the best monosynths to come out in the last 10 years)

  2. Cool! But something using a micro SD card would be better, no limit on presets. Really, Patch Base for iOS is the perfect librarian and editor.

  3. There is the DX Patch Library (google it) for the DX7, it uses a micro SD card and has >4000 presets on, with space for up to 10,000 of your own.

    1. That is a different and useful tool which is based on MIDI connection, you must transfer sysex bank from SD card to the internal memory via a device (which ends up over writing presets or bank in internal memory). I believe The old cartridge method is much faster and handy for previewing ..

  4. This little lab makes some really useful and cool products that are of use only to a very small number of people, and yet they don’t price gouge. Sort of products that if they are of use to you you want to grab before they are no longer available.

  5. Very cool. Would love to see a ‘favorites’ button or something on the card that would insta-save the current sound to the first bank to make navigating and recalling from these massive patch libraries more manageable.

    Maybe instead of a new button, a firmware update could provide the functionality by pressing and holding both scroll buttons?

  6. Too bad I cannot use with my TX7, which sounds monstrous after I replaced all analog path coupling caps with 2X size – only for line output, since headphone out is hopeless and I do not like plugging headphones into something that is not grounded or isolated separate from case.

  7. I hope enough of the supported synths are still in use that Hypersynth makes a decent profit here. I’d leap on one for the price if I had a D-50. They came up with a solid user interface, too. I’d sure like to know exactly what is in those “pre-programmed sound banks,” with up to 6400 slots. I mean, that’s a LOT of slots… :O When Omnisphere comes with 14k presets or so, that’s impressively competitive as hardware. Smart.

  8. Already ordered on for my DX7mk1. Have a DX7IIFD and a D50 as well so these will also be on the shopping list. The screens they are developing are a cool idea – will have to see what they cost.

  9. Maybe an E! Grey Matter for Yamaha DX7II DX7IIFD DX7IID compatible card is a better expansion…if nobody already noted this above.

  10. Good afternoon, is it possible to connect Hypersynth Hcard-702 to a computer via USB to record other memory banks? How to do it?

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