Korg Prologue Gets Free Oscillators From Mutable Instruments Plaits

Swedish synthesist and developer Peter Allwin announced today that he’s released a port of some of the Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillators for the Korg Prologue.

“I got the Korg Prologue over the holidays,” notes Allwin. “But rather than playing, I got lost exploring the SDK and started porting some of the fantastic Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillators.

It’s an interesting development, because it makes Plait’s oscillators available in a completely new form factor.

Plaits was originally released as a ‘macro oscillator’ in Eurorack format. At its core, it’s a digital module, that offers 16 different types of oscillators. Plaits is based on open source software, and the software has previously been ported to the software modular platform VCV Rack.

The Korg Prologue is a synthesizer with a hybrid analog + digital architecture. It features two traditional analog oscillators, and a third digital oscillator, which is open to customization by end users, using a software development kit SDK.

Here’s what’s Allwin has ported:

  • va – Pair of classic waveforms
  • wsh – Waveshaping oscillator
  • fm – Two operator FM
  • grn – Granular formant oscillator
  • add – Harmonic oscillator
  • wta – wtf Wavetable oscillator (split into separate oscillators of 4×8 tables, due to memory restrictions)

The oscillators are available via Github, and can be installed using the Prologue Librarian.

If you’ve used the Plaits oscillators for Korg Prologue, leave  a comment about your experiences – or share a link to performances or audio demos!

19 thoughts on “Korg Prologue Gets Free Oscillators From Mutable Instruments Plaits

  1. I hope they release a module of the Prologue as the keybed seems to be awkwardly exposed and for a lot of us size and weight is an issue. It really does sound great though, of all the modern analogs it’s the one that sounds most “analog” and “phat/warm” when I try it up against the competition in stores.

    1. it would be cool if they released that development kit board for purchase, i’m guessing it should be easy to build a solution based on that.

  2. ot question: during yesterday´s sonictalk episode nick batt and his team talked roughly 15 minutes about the new apc live. akai’s production manager dan gill has already confirmed the product. i wonder why synthtopia did nothing about this topic so far. we cannot talk about it here because you decided not to open a thread. why is that? i thought this is a news site. *head-shaking*

  3. Rly god idea to have that digital oscillator!

    Prologue needs an hardware update with (motion)-sequencer in future though.

  4. I have had both the Minilogue and the Monologue. I played the prologue for a few hours at Switched On in Austin Tx. They were very nice about it. It has the distinct analog flavor of the Minilogue and the filter and drive of the monologue. It sounds warm and thick unlike the Minilogue and crispness then Monologue doesn’t quite capture. I’m waiting to see what the the new Minilogue xd brings into the picture. If it has the Monologue filter available then I’m sold.

    1. I first tried the Prologue at Switched On in Austin back in September. Did you notice if they still have the OB-Xa? They also had a Waldorf Wave the day I was there.

  5. The customisable hybrid oscillator is a world first and makes this synth truly unique.

    The key question is whether KORG have sorted out the tuning problems with the analogue oscillators?

    I was super excited with my KORG Prologue 16 but returned it within a week because it was unusable…
    Where is this at now?

    (The digital oscillator aliases horribly, but I guess we’ll just have to bear with that)

  6. Waiting for MK2 where all 3 oscillators can be custom/swappable. Then we would have a truly monstrous synth to compete with Waldorf Quantum and hopefully more affordable.

  7. THIS is why I bought a Prologue. Amazing addition to the soundscape possibilities. I’ve worked my way through all these new Oscs this morning trying them all out sending the lfo to all possible destinations and creating an awesome array of sounds. It annoyed me greatly upon purchasing this marvelous synth last year that it had only one rather lame wavetable. I bought it to be my go-to “does-everything” synth and was frankly disappinted. My patience has paid off. Thanks to all involved.

  8. I’m already covered up in wavetables, but I’m a long-time Korg fan. They come up with one useful twist after another. I understand how Electronicaz feels. The SDK option feels a little like the great floppy libraries I fed my old 01Wfd; you can take it all sorts of places. Korg addressed the tuning issue and now this smart enhancement. The Prologue is looking a lot more like a good centerpiece for a rig now.

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