Unofficial Roland TR-8S Drum Machine Editor

Developer Momo Müller has introduced TR-8S Editor / Controller, an unofficial VST and standalone controller for the Roland TR-8S drum machine.


  • Integrate the “TR-8S” into your DAW.
  • Direct access to the parameters.
  • Parameters can be automated and can be stored with your Project.
  • The editor displays the internal automation of the TR-8S.
  • You can save your new sounds on the TR-8S and the editor settings as VST Presets (..fxp)
    in the DAW.
  • With the X-Y-Pads, all parameter can be selected and controlled.
  • VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone.

Pricing and Availability

TR-8S Editor / Controller is available now for 5,90€.

5 thoughts on “Unofficial Roland TR-8S Drum Machine Editor

  1. To clarify – Is is possible to use this editor to adjust settings that can be stored on the hardware device and used in standalone hardware performance?

    Or is it only to use the TR8s as a conduit to feed a VST(i) and can only save the settings for virtual use in a .fxp file?

  2. I just bought the editor and tried to use it in my ableton live. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!
    The editor does not receive complete information of patterns already recorded (no midi dump or equivalent), it only captures the information of knobs moved, or CCs that changed during pattern playback. I also can not change the kits through the editor. It only served to mess up what I had already programmed in my machine (since my “autosave” was activated). I do not recommend!!! ?

  3. No, this is not an editor !! this is NOT what everyone except from an editor, you can call it VST autometer but no editor, this has no access to the machine setting parameter neither receive any from the machine, Sorry but WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY !!

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