44 thoughts on “Elektron Teases Something New Ahead Of The 2019 NAMM Show

  1. Chords are audible in the demo. Either they’re faking polyphony by using multiple samples or it’s a single device that contains a synth and a drum machine. I’m guessing something that combines the Analog Four and Analog Rytm sound engines in a smaller package, adding limited sample playback too. Synth + Perc + Sampler all in one. That would be a smart move for them. Clear upgrade path for the cheap Volca crowd to get into something more professional.

    1. The “Professional” argument whenever something is more expensive has gotten old. There is proof all around that if someone has skill and imagination he can make almost anything work. “cheap Volca crowd” . I don`t even own a Volca but get allergy when i hear nonsence like this

  2. interesting for sure. The price will determine whether I will get it. A modular Elektron box would be crazy, but they always come up with something unorthodox. Can’t wait!

  3. is it too far out there to think that maybe it’s a video synthesizer? they’ve got most other points covered, except maybe modular, but I think it’d be pretty rad

    1. The market for a video synth is effectively zero people. Also, the output of those things looks so limited and crappy compared to what a real time video rendering engine can do (game engine essentially) that they are a dead end product. If there is enough interest in realtime video content from an audience, there will be a quantum leap forward into using event/data driven sources for an existing professional solution, like Unity or Unreal… both of which are essentially free. Even Hollywood is starting to render in these now instead of offline.

      So no, it’s not a video synth. Unless elektron likes throwing away money.

  4. The background video shows: people walking, people riding bicycles, people pushing bicycles, a scene at an outdoor market, a scene at the park. Perhaps something portable, even battery-powered? The Elektron equivalent of a Volca or Pocket Operator?

  5. Teased at NAMM 2019 … Available in July 2020, and that’ll be with a beta OS, that’s not bug free and fully functional until the end of 2021.

    That’s your typical Elektron release.

  6. Clearly, Daniel and team have developed a new weight loss product called the BEET MASCHIENNEH.
    You can purchase separately the modular extension which features the WRAP mode. I am sure you know what this is… Also there is rumoured to be a MIDI to MUSTARD adapter for all your golden spicy or traditional yellow or even Whore’s Radish options.

    I had seen a prototype but ate it…. It was absolutely Model D—-licious!

    Thank you and good day!
    I said “Good day, sir…. and madame and your little dog too!

    I am also available for weddings, divorces, bar and bat mitzvahs and funerals.

  7. Could be a song arranger / groove box similar to the Deluge. The problem with Elekton doing a machine like that is their propensity to handicap features of one machine to keep their others remaining attractive. The Deluge keeps getting more and more features with no existing incentive to limit its capabilities. Now, if Elektron created a stand alone device which acted as a mixer and controller for their machines (and others) that would be interesting. A metal box with multiple USB host connectors that could accept audio and provide MIDI control over both USB as well as standard MIDI and audio connections. They could call it BridgeBox… and maybe finally ditch all the effort being put into developing software for continually changing computer operating systems.

  8. Whatever it is, it might induce seizures from the looks of the video…then spit out a blurry polaroid to top it off.
    Yes, I guess this is now where marketing is at.

  9. The demo sounds a lot like a MD / MM combination to me. My guess is that they smash some or all of the old algorithms from these two legacy units into one Digi format box and layer on the modern processing goodies from the Digitakt and Digitone (overdrive, filter, FX).

  10. It’s called Model:Sample and it looks like a dumbed down version of the Digitakt. $399. It looks like the investor wanted Elektron to break new market ground.

  11. Perhaps the new machine will be called ” the overbridge” : a machine sequencer that can controll , save and play all the sequence you make with the elektron machine like: octatrack , analog 4, digitakt, rytm etc etc..

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