Buchla Intros Red Panel Eurorack Modules, Based On Classic 100 Series

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Buchla introduced the Red Panel line of Eurorack modules, based on the classic Buchla 100 Series.

The Buchla Red Panel line is designed to recreate classic Buchla modular designs, in a format that’s  affordable and compatible with modern Eurorack systems.

Here’s what they’ve announced about the new Red Panel line:

Red Panel was created to pursue new and innovative Buchla-related musical instruments that are priced within the reach of the average musician.

For its first line of products, Red Panel has worked closely with Dave Small of Catalyst Audio and Buchla artist consultant Todd Barton in order to bring Don Buchla’s seminal product line, the 100 Series, to the Eurorack format.

Nine modules will be introduced and demonstrated at the NAMM convention, including the 106 (Six Channel Mixer), the 110 Quad Voltage Controlled Gate, the 156 Control Voltage Processor, the 156 (modern version), the 158 Dual Channel Oscillator, the 180 Dual Attack Generator, the 112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source, the 190 Dual Reverberator, the 193 (Combination of 194 and 191) Dual LoPass / Bandpass Filters, and a 6U 84HP case.

These products will be available in the Spring of 2019.

Details on pricing and availability are to come, but our contact says that they expect that most of the modules will be priced in the range of $300-500.

9 thoughts on “Buchla Intros Red Panel Eurorack Modules, Based On Classic 100 Series

  1. Lord almighty I’m gonna have to sell off what’s ever not nailed down to afford all this wonderfull stuff coming out of NAMM 2019…lookout Mother-in-law….

  2. Sounds great! What’s the story on the 100 Series? We’re those pretty much limited to universities and such? I’ve never seen one, unlike the modern 200 Series systems, which have become pretty iconic.

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