Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack Debuts At Winter NAMM 2019

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Gamechanger Audio introduced the PLASMA Rack, a 1U sized high-end audio effects unit designed for professional and studio use.

Tthe PLASMA Rack features an extra large xenon tube that conducts audio signal at voltages of up to 5500 volts. In essence, your audio is converted into a bolt of electricity, and the electric discharges created in the PLASMA tube are then converted back into analog audio signals.

The result is a large amount of non-linear harmonic saturation that causes extremely rich and responsive attacks, and brings out sharp overtones and harmonics. The harmonic artifacts, produced as a byproduct of the high-voltage discharge, are uncommon in traditional signal amplification.

The PLASMA Rack also offers compression, tremolo/ring modulator, MIDI sync, master/slave control for stereo effects when two racks are used together, three external effects loops, and an “oversaturation” effect, similar to an old-school Octa-Fuzz.

PLASMA Rack is expected to be available in April 2019 for € 1,238.00 excl Tax. Pricing is TBA. See the Gamechanger Audio site for more info.

15 thoughts on “Gamechanger Audio Plasma Rack Debuts At Winter NAMM 2019

    1. Its all the same company.. In the case of Erica Synths it was a partnership between the original company “Gamechanger audio” and Erica Synths

  1. sounds pretty good but i can get similar effects from the Composers Desktop project. CDP has a vastly worse interface but it has other advantages.

  2. I’m pleased to see that forward-thinking electrical engineers are working hard to solve the problems faced by modern music producers, such as “how to increase your electricity bill for no good reason”

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