14 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue XD Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. If Nick could learn some finger technique that would make it less painful for me to watch him play. Or maybe it’s unavoidable with the mini keys.

  2. I wish someone would just make modules again, ? maybe start to go down the way of a more modular type of mindset in general? I would love to be able just to rack a lot of the newer stuff. Maybe let us buy our own controllers again, and focus on space saving desktop/rackmount gear without the need for keys, or mini keys?

    There is only so much table top space in any studio lol.

    1. Dude, you are so on point. When was the last synth built in rack form? It was a great solution that didn’t need to go away, I have a bunch of rack modules that I’ll never let go and I’ll always have room for another. You only need one or two keyboards in a studio, the rest can be desktop and rack modules.

    1. They added a Latch mode to the Arpeggiator. Is that what you mean?

      There is also a sustain pedal jack added if you mean that sort of hold.

      1. There is a latch mode in the exiting ML, FYI. Check manual, if you hold the ARP button down for a couple seconds, it latches…

        1. Are we sure the ‘old’ ML is exiting? Korg have a tendency to leave products in the line-up for a long time. That, or they manufacture too many and take their time selling them off.

  3. This thing is officially bucking for the title of Best Current Starter Synth For Serious Newbies. Up-front knobs so you can learn signal flow, four voices so you can get a sense of chording and creditable effects make it pretty attractive. Ferterdo is right: bigger is better and biggest is best. I finally had to put it all in a DAW. My gear was piling up until I was close to sleeping under it like a rail bum. Nice and warm in the winter, though.

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