Yamaha Introduces CP88, CP73 Stage Pianos And Blows Our Mind

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Yamaha introduced the CP88 and CP73 stage pianos, which are professional stage keyboards, designed with knob–per-function usability and stomp-box immediacy in mind.

We got an intro from Yamaha keyboard guru Blake Angelos, who gave us a comprehensive overview and demo.

But then – out of nowhere – he showcased the CP88’s stomp-box effects with a looping minimalist jam session.

At about 15:15 into the video, he starts layering looped riffs – pausing momentarily to shake hands with prog-rock keyboard god Jordan Rudess – and then goes straight into ‘Most Mind-Blowing NAMM Demo’ award territory.

Details on the new CP keyboards are available at the Yamaha website.

12 thoughts on “Yamaha Introduces CP88, CP73 Stage Pianos And Blows Our Mind

  1. Cool stuff – didn’t realize that Yamaha was getting into a Nord territory.

    Seriously confused, though, by the way other manufacturers get non-musicians to demo their gear. Are other companies focusing less on gigging musicians!

  2. I have several Yamaha instruments including a P90 which blows away the CP4 I play at a gig. A 20 year old keyboard killing a 1 year old CP4! I believe it’s because the P90 was made in Japan but the CP4 was made in China. The CP4 has already been repaired twice and the P90 – never!
    Yamaha is a really good company and this is not a slander on them. But, they said in an ad the CP4 was the best stage piano they ever produced and that’s totally not true.
    So, the first thing I’d like to know is, are the new CPs made in China?
    Secondly, I n my opinion, it’d be great to have a company like Yamaha make a piano with 8 or 12 great piano sounds, and skip the sequencer and unusable organ and guitar and string patches. When someone tries to make something that does everything, all the sounds suffer a bit. Memory is used for sounds that don’t get used instead of making the main sounds better, and also space is used for “2 track recorders” and such. A metal enclosure might be nice instead of plastic too – sturdier builds hold up longer when doing gigs. I’m thinking these designers, like most, have never played a gig, let alone 250 days a year for 20 or 30 years.

    1. seems like you think you might be the perfect fit to design the next product you are looking for!!! wow, what a concept…

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