3 thoughts on “STG Soundlabs Intros Boatrocker, Radiophonic 1 Synthesizer & More

  1. Boatrocker – looks great, how much? Also, will it work in a moog 60 or 100hp case? I know they don’t have power entry holes on the back… i wonder how hard it is to punch a clean hole there?

    1. Would have like to see the Boatrocker a year ago.

      As it is, I bought the Tip-top Audio microZeus. Unfortunately, it eats up space on the front panel and puts the power connector on the front, too. I’d rather have that space free, but I’ve got $150 in the microZeus.

  2. Hey STG, great idea! You might sell even more boat rockers if you could make it fit in the Behringer skiffs as well (Model Ds, Neutrons, and soon Pro Ones). But I’m sure you thought of that too 🙂

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