Controlling VST Plugins With Elektron Digitakt

Dutch producer Dave Mech has shared another tutorial video exploring the Overbridge 2.0.

The latest video starts off looking at using the Elektron Digitakt as a MIDI controller for your VSTs. Once you’ve got that down, though, you can combine it with Overbridge, you can P-Lock your soft synths and more.

Topics covered:

0:10 Studio One Midi settings

3:09 Ableton MIDI settings 4:39:

P-Locking a Softsynth

If you’re just getting started with Overbridge 2.0, you may want to check out his earlier Overbridge 2.0 videos, embedded below:

6 thoughts on “Controlling VST Plugins With Elektron Digitakt

  1. Honest question, before watching any videos: does Overbridge actually add any capabilities in regards to controlling hardware of software synths via MIDI?

  2. I have a hard time to understand what the hell Elektron wants to do with their brand and products. From hardware, they want to migrate to a software environment? A mix between hardware and software? Because if what they want is to build a sort of a midi controller, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

    Instead of losing time recreating the wheel, I guess is time for Elektron folks to brain storm a little and create something ‘revolutionary’ as Machinedrum was.

    They have too much money and little desire to improve and create something really new. Elektron in the past was associated with innovation and desire; people wanted they products. Elektron is become a boring company. It’s time to invest some money, dudes.

    1. YEA what they NEED to do is….. ( whatever your favorite thing is ) and that would pave the road for…( doesn’t matter, nobody cares ) instead of what they choose to do.

      Signed… (everyone always all the time forever and ever)

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