Free Mellotron Presets For Serum

Developer Luis Bvker let us know that he has shared a collection of Mellotron presets for Serum.

Bvker notes:

“I’m not claiming that these patches will sound exactly like the real thing. My goal was rather to create something build upon the favored vibe of analog gear with the precision and flexibility of the digital world.

With Serum you’ll get control over all kinds of parameters, some of which are: ADSR, filters, pitch, time stretching, multiple voices etc.. Moreover you’ll get a whole range of integrated effects.

To make your live a lot easier I’ve assigned the 4 most important parameters to macros, which will ensure a quick and easy workflow.”

The Serum presets are available as a free download from the Bvker site or via a direct download.

Audio Demo:

Bvker notes, “I’ve set up a download gate for the presets, but email and Instagram steps are skippable.”

One thought on “Free Mellotron Presets For Serum

  1. Nice job, especially for a musical food processor like Serum. Its amusing to see the Mellotron stick around in so many forms. I’ve played a real one and brother, its a grinding, wheezing POS. After that, I admired early prog rockers even more for tackling the thing on tour. If all you want is strings, flute & choir, okay, but there’s a lot more to be had in the total library. Bvkr makes a fair point about using a ‘tron sound as a starting point or in my case, as an occasional pad enhancer. The best thing about it isn’t the more cleaned-up sounds. Its playing one note of the 8 Voice choir and hearing it wobble like a drunken cowboy. Then you play chords and all of that grainy magic cranks up. I love Tony Banks’ opening to “Watcher of the Tape Snarls.” 😛

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