Noise Engineering Intros Four New Eurorack Modules (Sneak Preview)

At the 2019 NAMM Show, Noise Engineering previewed four new Eurorack modules.

Here’s what Noise Engineering has to say about the new modules:

  • Sinc Bucina – Remember Sinclastic Empulatrix? It was one of our first modules. We’re now proud to announce the sequel, Sinc Bucina. Based around a VCA/VCF combo, its internal envelope can be pinged via the appropriately named Ping input for classic lowpass gate action. It also features an updated version of SE’s slew, that can function as a simple ASR envelope with a gate input, or smooth out stepped signals like a traditional slew. Its internal filter offers 6db and 12db filter slopes.
  • Fractio Solum – Need to divide a clock? How about multiply? FS has you covered. Offering a huge variety of clock divisions and multiplications in an intuitive interface, FS can handle any clock you throw at it (except a real one, that’s not recommended).
  • Bring the Noise – The three analog distortion circuits were carefully designed to sound great routed in series. Internally, they’re normalled together for mangling of epic proportions. But of course, each distortion circuit has a separate in and out for freedom of processing and routing, because what’s the point of modular if you can’t patch it?
  • Cursus Iteritas Percido – Following in the footsteps of the Loquelic Iteritas Percido, we’re continuing the Percido line with the Cursus Iteritas Percido. Our largest module to date, CIP takes the same concept of a freely routable, flexible and expressive envelope and implements it into the Cursus Iteritas sound engine. With even more performance and patch-oriented features (two words: Master. Blaster.), the CIP is a synthesis powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Full details for the new modules are still to be announced. They are aiming for all the modules to be available in Q1 2019. See the NE site for more information.

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