Free ENTROPIA ‘Thermodynamic Microstate Sequencer’ For VCV Rack

Geodesics has introduced ENTROPIA – a new free sequencer module for the free and open source software modular synthesizer, VCV Rack.

Entropy is a measure of disorder in a system: many microstates of atoms that create a rich and complex macrostate. ENTROPIA is designed to bring some of that unpredictability to VCV Rack.

ENTROPIA is an 8-step sequencer with two values per step, and a probability to play one of the two values. Both values can be a defined sequence of voltages, a range controlled random source, or an external


  • 8 steps sequencer
  • 3 modes per sequence
  • 2 ways to blend the sequences (add or switch)
  • Probability of blend per step
  • General probability offset
  • Random playing mode
  • CV generator
  • Random source
  • Sequenced VCA

ENTROPIA is available as a free download.

One thought on “Free ENTROPIA ‘Thermodynamic Microstate Sequencer’ For VCV Rack

  1. The best VCV rack modules!! Dig the IONS CV Sequencer, such a trip! Easily worth at least $30 bucks itself, but all their stuff is free and so well designed both in regards to graphics/UI and functions.

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