Starshipfive Live Studio Synth Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: Miguel Fernandes (aka starshipfive) shared this live studio performance, featuring a variety of classic synth songs.


1. Oxygene 4
2. Equinoxe 4
3. Magic Fly
4. The Model (Das Model)
5. Crockett’s Theme
6. Radioactivity
7. Oxygene 7
8. Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
9. Get Lucky
10. Rendez-Vous 4

Technical Details:

Sequenced parts done in Cubase 5, using several Hardware and VST Plugins,
then audio mixdown passed to Hardware sampler in Roland Fantom X6.

Synths used:

Roland Fantom X6 expanded with:
SRX Ultimate Keys
SRX World Collection
SRX Complete Orchestra
SRX XP/JV Essentials
512 Mb RAM
Yamaha CS6x expanded with:
Korg X5D
Kurzweil K2500r
Roland V-Synth XT [having VC1-(D50) and VC2-(Vocal)] Roland JV-2080 expanded with:
SR-JV Vintage Synth
SR-JV Session
SR-JV Orchestral
SR-JV Latin
Ketron SD1 Plus

5 thoughts on “Starshipfive Live Studio Synth Performance

  1. Miguel is a truly synth enthusiast and a great performer.
    His commitment to recreate classic tunes has granted him legions of followers. Kudos my friend!

  2. Bonjour je recherche un pianiste pour faire des lignes de synthé sur mes chansons. Je souhaité m’adressé à celui qui joue sur starshipfive. Si vous êtes intéressé vous pouvez me joindre à eric jousset sur facebook. Sur ma photo j’ai une guitare à la main. Merci

    Good morning ! I’m looking for a pianist to do a synth bassline on one of my songs in the musical style of The Midnight. If you are interested in doing this job you can contact me on Facebook at eric jousset. in the photo I have a guitar in my hand. Thank you

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