Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro Turns Your iPhone, iPad Into A Tricked-Out Mellotron

Omenie has introduced Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro, a new app that’s described as ‘the most authentic Mellotronics experience for your iPhone and iPad.’

Streetlytron features a collection of 90 tapes, with 65 drawn from Streetly’s Production Masters – the same tapes that ship with their $8,000 M4000 unit. Completing the sample sets are ‘Caitlin Downie Soprano’ and ‘Clare Lindley Violin’.

Playable with the on-screen 3 octave keyboard or by an attached MIDI controller, Streetlytron Pro exposes every internal control to MIDI. A reverb unit can be used to generate immense spaces, and 8 programmable preset slots allow for quick patch changes.

Virtual MIDI, AudioBus and Inter-App Audio are supported.

All voices are available in original form, straight from Streetly Electronics Production Tape library – unlooped 8 second samples, with a unique sample for every key of the 35 note range. To offer more performance flexibility the ‘LOOP’ button may be engaged, which process the samples to offer seamless looping. Some voices have decay tails – e.g pianos, harpsichord, staccato voices – and these are left unlooped.

Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro is available now for US $24.99. The full library is included, with no In-App Purchases.

Streetlytron Pro voice list :

Strings :
M300A Violins
M300B Violin
MKII 3 Violins
Harry 3 Violins
String Section
Soft String Section
New String Section
Sad Strings
Two Cellos Paravicini
Three Cellos Louise
Pizzi Cello
Watcher Mix

Vox Humana:
Eight Voice Choir
Boys Choir
Female Choir
Male Choir
Russian Choir
Birotron Choir
Female Solo
Harry Male Solo

Brass :
MKII Brass
GC3 Brass
Miller Brass
2 Trombone 2 Trumpet
Harry Open Trombone
Harry Muted Trombone
MKI French Horn

Woodwind / Reeds :
MKII Flute
MKI Clarinet
Cor Anglais
Tenor Sax
2 Alto 2 Tenor
Harry Alto Sax
Harry Bass Clarinet
Harry Four Saxes

Keyboards :
MKII Piano
Harry Piano
Harry Accordion

Organs :
Church Organ
Wilden Organ
St Just in Roseland Gamba+Celeste
St Just in Roseland Gamba+Lieblich
St Just in Roseland Swell 8′ + 4′ + 2
St Just in Roseland Swell Reeds
St Just in Roseland Great 8′ + 4′ + 2
St Just in Roseland Great Organ (no Brass)
St Just in Roseland Full Organ

Mallets :
Harry Vibes
Harry Marimba

Plucked strings / Guitars :
MKII Elec Gtr
Hawaiian Guitar
MKII Mandolin
Harry Mandolin

Caitlin Downie Soprano Voice :
Mmm soft
Aah soft
Aah Mezzo
Aah Forte
Eee Mezzo
Eee Forte
Ooh Mezzo
Ooh Forteh
Staccato Aah
Staccato Eee
Staccato Ooh
Ensemble Soft
Ensemble Mezzo
Ensemble Forte
Ensemble Staccato

Clare Lindley Violin Collection :
Bow Soft
Bow Soft Vibrato
Bow No Vibrato
Bow Vibrato
Bow Tremolo
Bow Ensemble Soft
Bow Ensemble
Bow Ensemble Vibrato

Bonus :
Harp Arpeggios

15 thoughts on “Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro Turns Your iPhone, iPad Into A Tricked-Out Mellotron

  1. I just bought it and did a quick dabbling through presets. Great selection, sounds as it should. No issues that I could find. If you need a complete and authentic Mellotron, this is an excellent deal.

    I only needed the flute, but I can see how these sounds will be useful for things requiring that kind of character or vintage.

    1. I think I was lucky, because I just kept passing on them, and waiting. Then they come out with the be-all-end-all. But don’t worry, they’ll probably come out with another even better one. That’s progress, I guess.

      1. Thanks and good to hear…I appreciate that info. I know there are other ways to use it but I’ve been spoiled by AuV3. Hopefully the update is soon!

  2. That video demo is really good……………I always got spooked from the mellotron in Hole in My Shoe….that is very trippy

  3. Mellotron moments are almost as common as Moog samples now, which is fine when you love it like I do. I decided that the main reason I have no iPad is that I’d only see it as a module and not a platform. I’d have to plug a real keyboard into it, because a few bright aspects like the Animoog or Nave aside, playing a touchscreen doesn’t grab me enough. I prefer my desktop and the much broader M-Tron. OTOH, This app has all the right I/O like AudioBus and it draws from the best ‘tron source: the Streetly tapes. Gold star to Omenie for getting it right.

    1. No disrespect at all, and kudos to however anyone wants to make stuff, but I scratch my head when I read stuff like the above? I use 4-6 iPads in my various studios. 70% of the time they are sound modules, but they open so many more doors. I still use FunkBox on my very first iPhone as a metronome when I am doing guitar and bass tracks. My life has been about sound creation and manipulation and it amazes when I read how some people can ignore a device/tool whatever that opens unlimited doors. Even as just a waveform generator I have hundreds of choices every time I turn on my iOS devices.

      Module or platform, I honestly could care less what labels we give. Seriously, even with my old Dell Inspiron 8500, running ancient versions of soundforge and FL 3.0 and Acid 2.0 I can find new techniques and sounds. I could do stuff just using YouTube samples, I dunno I guess I just look at all as just sounds and not these little categories of this is bad or this is good or whatever. JMO.

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