16 thoughts on “Valhalla Delay (Sneak Preview)

  1. IMO, as a landscape photographer/videographer beautiful imagery. Did Sean shoot this footage? Would be fun to hear how Synthtopia readers might score this same footage.

  2. I don’t want a sneak peek…….release it and take my bloody money !!! Sounds great to me and I have a few delays. Like filter and compressors oh and reverb lololol you can never have enough of the right ones.

  3. Man I hope it’s more than just some kind of shimmer algorithms with echo tacked on… This sounds uninspiring to me. The Shimmer Verb can already do this sound.

    1. i dont know, this sounds different
      usually I dont like it when the pitched up delay comes in, because it sounds so tacked on, artificial and effecty.
      this sounds very smooth I think 🙂

  4. Seems like we have a slowly growing competition in delay plugins emulating Eno/Lanois a la U2, Eno Apollo Atomospheres, etc. Valhalla, 112db, Audiority and others. I absolutely love this sound and could easily overuse it, but it is a specific effect and there can only be so many plugin emulations.

  5. been waiting on more valhalla dsp releases for a while. usually not very interested in plugins but theirs (so far) have been special.

    I bet their take one delays will be great.

  6. Sounds lovely. A little dry, but since this is a demo of Valhalla Delay, he can’t add some Valhalla Vintage Verb or what not to give it more reverb (although, Übermod can sound like a reverb with the right settings; I wonder if Valhalla Delay will have a diffuse/reverb mode like Übermod has)

  7. ..and here I thought I knew what a delay was. Wish there was an A/B so I could know what the dry sounded like. Nice sounds though!

  8. I read somewhere that unlike his other amazing stuff, this is not going to be $50… He’s had to raise the price to $1200 because of… reasons… and stuff…


    Will love to see how this works vs. UberMod. The cool thing about UberMod is there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it in terms of sounds that are derived from some form of delay. I’m guessing this is going to be like a love-child of UberMod & Shimmer based on how it sounds… Regardless, it’s instabuy!

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