Sinevibes Intros $29 Bent-Wave FM Oscillator For Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD

Sinevibes has introduced Bent – a “bent-wave frequency modulation” oscillator for the Korg multi engine, found in the Prologue and Minilogue XD.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Bent combines a classic modulator-carrier pair of sine oscillators with a unique “bender” module, which changes the modulator signal’s curvature, phase, and time symmetry.

Despite the “FM” part, bent-wave FM produces sounds more akin to a mix of two synchronized and filtered analog oscillators – with smooth, elastic waveform morphing.

Due to its specific density and rounded curvature, Bent also forms a perfect symbiosis with Korg’s resonant low-pass filter, creating sounds with incredible plasticity.


  • Two sine oscillators with unique module that “bends” curvature, phase, and time symmetry before the frequency modulation stage.
  • Five different output waveforms with variable shape and harmonic balance.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in LFO with widely adjustable frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely adjustable attack and decay times (1 ms to 10 s).

Pricing and Availability

Bent is available now for US $29.

16 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros $29 Bent-Wave FM Oscillator For Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD

    1. I am familiar with phase distortion but what we called “bent-wave FM” is quite different, as are the sounds that these two methods generate. Just compare the CZ demos with ours and you will hear for yourself. The methods we use to manipulate the signals are simply not at all related to what Casio did back then, we developed the BWFM algorithm without relying on any existing/known formulas.

    1. The coolest part about the “logue” SDK is that it’s open source and you can grab it and code your own oscillator and make it as special as you want it to be!

  1. I like it – it does sound a lot like regular FM to my ear though, maybe non-harmonic partials or something make it sound metallic (and hollow.)

    Programmable wave generator FPGA is really a great feature. I’d love to see/hear more oscillator/wave generator types like physical modeling, resonator/feedback, additive/resynthesis, granular, L/A, etc.

    1. Please allow me to correct you: this is not an FPGA based technology (like used in Peak), instead prologue and minilogue xd uses a dedicated ARM chip with its own DAC on each voice, and custom oscillators are stored in each chip’s flash RAM.

  2. How about just ship the damned keyboard already, then I’ll consider this. It seems Korg wants more hype. We may be waiting a while. 🙁 I’ve pre-ordered as well. The wait is painful. I’m very excited to git mine! 😀

    1. Just to clarify: 1) this plugin was not developed and is not sold by Korg, it’s a third party product from Sinevibes, and 2) it works with the prologue series as well which has already been available since spring 2018.

      1. Nothing to clarify really. I just want my Minilogue XD. There is so much buzz around it and the shipping date seems to be very up in the air. The question I have is, “WHY?!” I am just very excited for it.

        1. You’re acting like they missed their announced date. Korg reps have consistently said “Late winter 2019”. It’s not late winter 2019 yet.

    2. Be happy you have one coming. I could only pick one synth I wanted….this or the JX-8P…..and since the prices are starting to go up on those I got ome before it really shoots up.

  3. Anybody know if the Mutable Instruments oscillators from Rings and Braids are available for the multi-oscillator.

    That would get me interested in these keyboards.

  4. Wonder if the microfreak will ever be able to run these? Seems silly to have aeparate architectures, but totally possible. Monologue xd maybe?

    1. I do not think microfreak and “logue” oscillators are compatible in any way.

      Microfreak has more control (4 knobs) over the digital oscillators as well.

      Also: Are microfreaks oscillators updateable at all or are the fixed/preloaded?

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