Logan Soloman ARP 2600 Clones – ‘David’ & ‘Enigma’

Logan Soloman has shared new information on its two ARP 2600 synth clones via a message on Facebook:

David (For those that don’t know) is the Logan Soloman modular version of the classic semi-modular synth. It is large format modular with 11″ panels. Some panels are as wide as 6.75″.

We took the original and made each section into a module. The Noise module is a dual noise module. The Sample and Hold is a dual module, Voltage Processor is a dual module, and Reverb (two tanks). The envelope has Loads of extra features on it. You can build the synth like the original, or with many voices. There are a few David Alpha builders that are making 3 voice synths.

With David we will have more modules from the famed monosynth, string synths, big daddy modular, etc. etc. including chorus, oscillators, filters, resonators and more. David will also have a special mixer, phaser, EQ, vocoder, utility VCAs, etc. It can be normalled like the original synth but has a TON more CV control, features per module, etc.

So now we are introducing Enigma – a synthesizer that has the same size as the TTSH. Enigma will be DIY and factory built as well. It is not nearly as feature rich as David, but it has more features than the TTSH.

It will have 3 VCO2 oscillators, gate booster (New Design and works with 3620 Keyboard), rolling sync on all oscillators, added multiples. But most of all it will have the correct circuits from the original machine and none of the errors of the TTSH. We already have confirmed listening tests with our oscillators and filter and have been told by others that the TTSH doesn’t sound like ours.

We have also corrected the panel graphics and cutout of the TTSH to make it uniform, we have adjusted the speaker cutouts for better sound, we will have proper cages for the speakers and there will be no gap between the speaker and the front panel to reduce any vibration.

We are making most of the modules dual footprints so it will be easy to manufacture and keep the price point aggressive for the manufactured version. I’m not sure if we can get Behringer aggressive but it will be pretty damn close.”

See their FB page for more info.

In addition to the Logan Soloman clones, Synthcube is making full kits for the TTSH, and Behringer has said it has plans for an ARP 2600 clone.

Update: Logan Soloman is not positioning the Enigma or David synths as ‘clones’ of the ARP 2600 or the TTSH – but as new synths that build on the 2600’s legacy. Since we originally published this article, they’ve shared additional information about the two synths and how they see them:

“David is named for David…of David & Goliath, NOT David Friend! There will be a Goliath, but probably not until after the 2500.

David and Enigma are NOT TTSH clones, contrary to what people are saying. They are far from that.

Our philosophy is this: Keep the core sound of the instrument and take it forward, with new controls and features. This does two things:

1.) It allows everyone who wants the original sound to achieve the dirty, nasty, ballsy, meaty, original sound of the original machine.

2.) It allows the player to break new ground with the undertone and character of the original but in new ways.

If you want THE classic sound you can get it. If you are after completely new tones and possibilities with the guts and warmth of the original, you can get that too because we have taken these beautiful circuits and added so much control and so many features to them.

Will purists be upset because it’s not identical? Maybe. But we also know it is impossible to please everyone. Either the take it forward group will be let down or the purists. We apologize in advance if we missed the mark for you. The SOUND is what matters to us, and with that we nailed it (Vintage users’ words, not ours)

David (and Enigma) uses the exact sub modules that the original synth uses. No other “inspired” DIY synth based on this semi-modular classic uses sub modules that can plug into original machines. We did this because that is where the sound comes from. If the sub modules are not right, the whole synth will be off. The synth might get close, but close is not good enough for a lot of people. So we strived for exact.”

14 thoughts on “Logan Soloman ARP 2600 Clones – ‘David’ & ‘Enigma’

  1. Thanks for posting this! We’ve added some features since that Panel.

    Enigma will have a switchable filter for the 4012 and 4072. You don’t have to swap the filters out like you do currently on other one. Both filters will be plugged into board 3 at the same time. We’ve also added a high pass filter in front of the low pass filter via a switch. When you flip the switch the high pass goes in series with the lowpass and you can adjust the amount of hp. To top things off we’ve added an overdrive circuit to the filter and resonance CV.

    We left the oscillators the same size, but in reality what you have are 3 VCO 2 oscillators. There are 3 wave shaper sub modules – one for each oscillator.

    For the envelope we added a switch for different times .5X, 1X, and 10X. There was not enough room to add the 100X like David has. Inverted output has been added to the envelope. But not some of the other CV features that David has.

    The reverb is stereo – so there are two tanks in Enigma. The gate booster is a whole new design and will work with a duophonic keyboard, so no worries there.

    Each Oscillator has rolling sync which means you can sync any waveform to any waveform. Our tests have shown that it’s a really nice sounding sync – very FM like. We also tracked 8+ octaves with our oscillators.

    We have designed baffles for the speakers so they will sit inside of the baffles and be placed right up against the panel – there won’t be and gap between the panel and speaker.

    We use all old dirty sounding op amps and have instructions for people as to how to convert this to the blue marvin (or meanie – whichever you prefer). Our first David Prototype is being made like a Blue.

    ALL of the sub modules used in Enigma and David can be used as direct replacements to fix original synths – same pinout. Enigma has a total of about 24 PCBs so building is super easy one module at a time and testing/troubleshooting will be a dream. For DIYers we are developing a test board to test all of the sub modules – this will help builders be more efficient if they have a lot of customers.

    After all Alpha spots are taken, Enigma will be available in a full kit (as of now) for DIY folks and fully manufactured. The fully manufactured synth will be made in America at Polyfusion in Buffalo…yes, THAT Polyfusion : ) and sorted out after we get the DIY crowd taken care of. We will take all orders through our website once it is 100% ready.

    David is the modular version of the original synth with big 11 inch panels and 60mm sliders for finer control. We went nuts with the features and all of the Alpha guys building it are super thrilled with what we have on each module. David has some extra modules that Enigma doesn’t like the 4023, 4034, 4035, and an independent 4072 module. There will be a TON more modules from this family of synths as well.

    After all of the alpha DIY spots of David are taken up it will only be manufactured at Polyfusion.

    Enigma Alpha we expect to be $1100 for All PCBs, Panel, and Case plus shipping/handling/etc.

    Did I forget anything?

    1. Yes – we use Ron Folkman / Polyfusion as our Contract Electronics Manufacturer. They are still in Buffalo, NY area after all these years.

      1. I am humbled and amazed. As a New York manufacturer and electronic musician myself this is incredible. I will tell all my colleagues about your work. Much Respect.

        1. Wow, thank you! Ron’s/Polyfusion’s quality is well known in the electronics industry. I mean, just look at his Modulars – they are the epitome of quality. He directs people to other firms if they ask, “How cheap can you make this?” because he won’t put his name on it.

          We will pay more for manufacturing – but the quality will be top notch. With that being said we are trying to keep Enigma as affordable as possible when it’s fully manufactured so that as many people who want it can get the true sound they are looking for, not just an approximation.

          CFB, thanks for your support. It means a lot.

  2. So they’ve cloned the ARP 2600 by cloning the TTSH, someone else’s custom project? I wish these guys the best but after repeated stumbles over the past several years combined with bizarre communication strategies (i.e. one guy for some reason can only post on Facebook under his wife’s account???) it doesn’t seem like they have a clue what they are doing. Still waiting for a full-size modern repro of the 2600 here.

      1. It’s not even Eurorack, it’s some new format that doesn’t match anything else that exists. They reserve the right to do whatever they want of course, but others also reserve the right to debate their odd business decisions in the Synthtopia comments! I just want someone to do a full-size clone of the original 2600 with any reasonable mods built-in and no quirks and bugs like the TTSH. These guys seem committed to quality and accuracy but then they go off the deep end with mini versions and a custom modular format, it’s just weird. Give people what they want – the dang 2600 as it was in the 1970s!

    1. @Erik: For your information, Logan / Emma Logan is a top analog electronics specialist. Happen to “know” her from the Facebook yamaha SY group where she frequently provides good and professional assistance in problems with those old machines related to capacitors, power supplies, trouble shooting etc. etc.
      So from Logan Soloman I guess it his not “this dude’s wife account” but their joined account for this activity.
      Didn’t know Emma was into that, but have the greatest confidence in what they are doing.

      1. Hi Ad,

        Thanks for your support, it means a lot. “Emma” is actually Jammie (A man). Jammie and his wife share an email address. Facebook wouldn’t let them have more than 1 account so they share a Facebook account. That’s the reason everyone thinks he is “Emma”, his wife. He was not interested in creating a new email address solely for Facebook.

        Again, thanks so much for your support and encouragement.

  3. People who argue over modular synths too fiercely are often the same ones who run around at parties, obsessively emptying the ashtrays. If you can’t build a snappin’ rig at this point, the fault isn’t with the gear. If you’re serious and you want to dig into any synth to its best abilities, especially modulars/semi-modulars, more power to you. If you are just a First World poseur, 1) stand in water 2) pee into USB jack 3) sample results for EDM track.

  4. I have an extensive synthesizer collection from the time when everyone, apart from a few of us techno, ambient, industrial / rivetheads, were tossing their analog equipment for digital workstations… I love my Arp 2600 and while I am not going to get some of the clones, I am glad other folks will have the opportunity to explore SYNTHS!!! Especially at a reasonable price… I paid far less than a thousand on all of my synths…. (not combined) Anyhow.. the 303 was under $30, the Arp was $900, the Jupiter 6 was 6. The 8 was 300. The Moog was… well.. let’s not scare people… anyhow…. While there are some amazing newer synths out there in the last twenty years, the Alesis Andromeda, even the little Bass Station II (with paraphonic action), Modal Skulpt… Sequential reboot….. anyhow.. if you wanted to get the old classics, you have to spend and arm and a leg, a testicle, boob and quite possibly a well-shaven taint just to get your paws on them….. Or.. we can get the Schmidt 😉

    I am all for folks cloning (as long as they are not STEALING)
    The fact the Behringer is recreating the old synths is a bit … whatever BUT…. If you were just getting into this, what options would you have today? Those synths and machines are mostly gone due to aging parts, poorly kept units, etc.

    I am tired and should be headed home from the studio but I caught someone doing the old complaint and while I love to complain… we should be happy we have so many AFFORDABLE options today!!!

    Even the horse crap on our phones RULES!!! It is all about supplying tools which spark creativity and can be harness to create a sound of class (or dirty-ness).



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