Is The SP-2400 An E-Mu SP-1200 On Steroids?

Mystery Gearslutz user edlima209 has shared a preview of the PCB for the SP-2400 – what looks like it could be a clone of the E-Mu SP-1200 on steroids.

While some are suggesting that this is an unannounced Behringer clone of the SP-1200, it’s not clear at this point who is behind the design.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

19 thoughts on “Is The SP-2400 An E-Mu SP-1200 On Steroids?

  1. I tried messing with the levels in photoshop, but they covered up the name right proper.

    Maybe someone can derive some info on the facebook user via the giant number string in the file title? Not sure how those numbers are generated, but I wouldn’t put it past facebook to accidentally have personal identifiers in there.

  2. PCB looks real but the I/O & Midi sockets look too CGI for my liking. Still I hope it’s for real, love the idea of a Behringer sampler with analog filters ie: EMU emulator 3 or SP1200 🙂

  3. It’s not fake, it’s obviously an Altium layout in 3D view, so it’s something that’s already been captured and layed out. Just not sure what it is.

  4. well it better be on steroids,
    no filter and no envelope
    and no pitch envelope
    no fx
    that’s pretty boring for sound design

    just to get the box for a little lofi crunch seems absurd these days.

  5. The true question is: would it sound like an SP-1200?
    Recreating the interface design is probably feasible, but to nail the distinct sound you’d need vintage A/D D/A chips, the same analogue signal path, an SSM2044 filter…

  6. not sure if the filter is such a big part of the sound here,
    there is no way to adjust cutoff and resonance on the sp 1200,
    its just used as antialiasing filter?

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