Teenage Engineering Intros $149 Oplab I/O Adapter For OP-Z

Teenage Engineering has introduced the Oplab Module I/O adapter for the OP-Z mini-synth.

Heres what they have to say about it:

imagine having the power and flexibility of the OP-Z sequencer available to any other music equipment.

now you can, with the new oplab module – the magic link between OP-Z and the rest of the world. the oplab module is the first hardware expansion module for OP-Z. once mounted in the back of your OP-Z, you can use it to connect to any equipment using standard cv and gate, such as the pocket operator modular or any other modular system.

it features three cv outs and one gate out, all programmable and playable from OP-Z. have your wall of modules sequenced from the palm of your hands. use the po sync out to unleash the power of your regular pocket operators and have them play in sync with the rest of your setup. even connect standard midi devices, using midi over 3.5 mm jack or the included midi over din adapter cable. oplab features both midi in and out ports as well as trig in and out for other synthesizers and sequencers.

Pricing and Availability

The Oplab Module is available now for US $149.

29 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Intros $149 Oplab I/O Adapter For OP-Z

    1. I agree this module either should’ve been included or be a lot less than $149 ($79 – $99 seems like the right price). However MIDI over USB on the OP-Z works well already. Not the same thing I know, but it already solves a lot of scenarios for me.

  1. Sometimes I think these guys are more interested in getting their design ego stroked instead of making a useful synthesizer.

    1. Have you actually used an OP-Z? It is indeed very well designed, but not just for design sake. It’s also a very powerful sequencer/composer/groovebox that you can take anywhere. Does it sound as good as some high end synth/modular or is it as powerful as your DAW? No, but I consider it the ultimate sketchbook that can sound surprisingly good. And the sequencer is one of the best hardware sequencers I’ve ever used rivaling Elektron gear etc. But I know this thing, and TE stuff in general, isn’t for everybody.

      1. Having read your comments I can totally respect your passion and believe your sincerity on how important you feel it is to your music creation, etc. I have watched quite a few videos and reviews on TE stuff out of curiousity, but have never used their stuff, but their recent debacle regarding product pricing especially given their previous release calling out said price gouging seemed really goofy to me

        “It’s also a very powerful sequencer/composer/groove box that you can take anywhere.”

        I allready have that and more in my various iPads running hundreds of awesome apps, even on my old ancient 1st gen iPad running the still amazing Sunrizer and Funkbox.
        You are right, TE stuff in general isn’t for me. JMO.

        1. I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about this thing, but I do like it 😉

          In fact when I first saw the OP-Z I thought it was a joke. I already thought the OP-1 was pushing it as an expensive toy and the OP-Z looked like some Fisher-Price reduction of the OP-1 concept. No screen, silly flat primary color dials, tic-tac button keyboard, etc.

          But a friend of mine told me to take a second look (especially since I’m a video game artist and this thing has Unity integration) so I did my research and came away thinking it would be the perfect mobile device for me. And it’s turned out to be just that.

          And yes, most of us probably have iPads too, but I like to have buttons and knobs… making music on an iPad always feels sterile to me. This thing is always in my backpack and I can take it out wherever I am. You can even use it while out on a walk.

          But to each their own of course. My only suggestion is to actually try these devices before bashing them as hipster toys. TE makes some quality gear IMO.

    1. Of course. Our complaints are the reason we don’t buy! The people who buy and then realize their $1000 mistake usually don’t like to talk about it . . .

      1. I have no problem talking about my mistake because luckily I was able to sell it for more than I bought it after I realized it wasn’t worth what I had payed for it. TE has great marketing and design, they’re well made products but they have some big shortcomings that get written off as quarks. All while being extremely over priced.

  2. In regards to TE in general just as a company…

    “In December of last year, Teenage Engineering made news by announcing that reports of the OP-1’s demise were false, and that no one should pay the high prices that used OP-1 synths were being listed for on Reverb.com & eBay:
    Teenage Engineering announced that OP-1 is available again – but with a new price of US $1,299. The OP-1 was $799 when it was originally introduced in 2011.
    The updated pricing parallels the trend in used prices for OP-1 synths. A price history chart from Reverb.com sales shows final sale prices for the OP-1 rising from slightly over $800 a year ago to nearly $1,300”
    – Synthtopia article

    This post had like 125 comments, many of them were “complaints” based on the above.
    I don’t have to use their products to see the goofiness of this. Use whatever gear you want,
    even from companies that spew BS and raise their prices $500 contradicting their own press

    1. Except it didn’t. The press release showed an auction of eBay for over $8,000. That is what they were referring to with “nobody should pay these prices”.

      People just can’t read.

  3. The op-z is an absolute fine piece of gear, designed very well both optically as well as industrially and of course internally. The price is absolutely fine for this device. BUUUUT this expander should have been part of it from the start. Charging 159 euros for 4 Jack’s plus some plastic is R I D I C U L O U S. as well as charging 119 euros for a leather compartment. I get that design has its price and development of materials is a factor too, but this is a joke, can’t take them seriously anymore.
    This is the moment where I must say goodbye, I can’t cope with this hipster apple whatever shit.

  4. I find my OP1 one of the best creative instruments. Have it for years know. OPZ is not as user friendly when I see the vids.

  5. I used to be very skeptical about TE products, but then I had the opportunity to get an OP-1 (I mostly got it because it was very cheap compared to the real price) and I love it, then I got OP-Z and it’s another amazing machine (I actually like it more than the op-1). As people mentioned before, the products are not for everyone but at least if you invest on it, you can sell them at almost the same price you bought them (or even more). There is no other products like these in the market (battery powered, portable, and good sound quality) and that is what makes them very special

  6. I think the modular concept of the OP-Z is actually pretty cool. Future modules could provide audio inputs for sampling, video in/outputs or even analogue synth engines. It makes the OP-Z more of an open, upgradable instrument in contrast to the OP-1, which always felt a bit like a closed box. And the pricing is okay in my eyes. The base unit is rather affordable and not everybody will have a need for all modules they come up with, so you can configure your OP-Z according to your needs instead of buying an expensive system with features you don’t need.

    1. I’m seeing them. What’s up with the op-1 price being raised by 50%? Did they add new features or are they just price gouging at this long. A $100, maybe. But $500? Pretty obvious they are trying to take advantage at this point.

      1. Apparently they had to redesign and retool manufacturing for the new screen, because the old screen was discontinued.

        There have been lots of posts about this topic already, including some above.

      1. Those extra filters cost a mint. And it would have had a display if it hadn’t have vacuumed my phone up and crushed it in the vortex.

    1. Seeing that they are “Teenager”, I’d say it’s more gaming inspired, you know, ripped out content which they sell you as “DLC”. Well, it’s “modules” in this case.

  7. the module actually sold out the first day it was available (3 days ago) so its funny to say its “available” and clicking the link to be taken to a page that says “out of stock”.

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