Re-Sequencing Loops With An Elektron Octatrack

Max Marco shared this track breakdown of the track Perspectives, embedded below, exploring re-sequencing loops with the Elektron Octatrack:

“This track breakdown is primarily a look at one of my favorite sample manipulation techniques, as well as how scenes can be exploited to produce significant variation of simple patterns. ‘Perspectives’ – was done using only a single 16-step pattern without independent track lengths or scaling, and most of the variation is produced through modulating the playback characteristics of the samples in tandem with the audio processing.”

Topics covered:

0:25 single-cycle waveform raw sample
0:32 synth riff ‘melody’ loop raw sample
0:43 drum loop raw sample
0:58 vocal loop raw sample
1:18 drum track
3:45 drum scenes
5:33 vocal track
6:57 vocal scenes
7:52 bass track
9:10 bass scenes
10:27 synth riff track
12:05 synth riff scenes
13:23 arrangement and scene remarks
14:42 bass!
15:03 synth riff!
15:34 note on scene modulation
17:31 master track FX

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