Using An Arturia BeatStep Pro With VCV Rack

In this video, reader Omri Cohen takes a look at using the Arturia BeatStep Pro with VCV Rack.

Video Summary:

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the BeatStep Pro from Arturia, as a companion for the Neutron I got. Little did I know how powerful the BeatStep Pro is, and how versatile it is, especially when combined also with VCV Rack.

The BeatStep Pro can send MIDI-CC to VCV Rack, controlling all sorts of parameters within VCV Rack, It has 2 melodic sequencers with very nice features like velocity and randomness, and they can be assigned and control multiple voices in VCV Rack. And it also has a very powerful drum sequencer, that has the ability to have different sequence length for the different voices, adding polyrhythmic aspects to a patch, and the drum sequencer can also drive other sequencers, inside VCV Rack.

In this video, I start by showing how to sync the BeatStep Pro with VCV Rack, and then I go section by section and utilize the different features of the BeatStep Pro in VCV Rack.

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