Patch Point – A Synth Store & DIY Community Center In Berlin

In this video, Divkid Ben Wilson takes a look at Patch Point, a new synth store in Berlin.

He talks with Dr. Darrin Weiner?, who talks about the origin of Patch Point and demonstrates some of the gear that they carry.

Here’s what Wilson has to say about the video:

“Earlier this year the Modular Podcast crew had the chance to visit Patch Point based in the Neukölln district of Berlin. Patch Point is a store, community hub and synth DIY centre ran by Dr. Darrin Weiner.

Patch Point is the only place outside of Peter Blasser himself (the creator) to build Ciat Lonbarde equipment and they also stock various Serge panels, Bug Brand and Eurorack gear. With a heavy leaning to the rare, banana format and other more unique pieces of gear it’s no doubt one of the only places in the world to try out, build and get hold of some of this equipment.

A total Aladdin’s cave of synth gear and a wealth of knowledge and experience with Darrin in driving seat, be sure to get to Patch Point if you happen to be in Berlin anytime.”

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