How To Use The Elektron Digitakt As A Monster Monophonic Synthesizer

The latest Oscillator Sink video looks at using the Elektron Digitakt as a monster monophonic synthesizer.

Video Summary:

“The Elektron Digitakt is a wonderful sampler, sequencer, groovebox… thing! But what if I told you that it’s also a monster mono-synth? The rantings of a mad-man? Well maybe!

But when you consider that each of its eight sampler tracks can be set up to act as a highly configurable oscillator by looping short, single-cycle wave-forms, the prospect of an 8 oscillator mono-synth starts to sound somewhat appealing!

In this video, I take a look at setting up the Digitakt to act like a mono-synth and walk through building an 8-oscillator mono-synth patch from scratch.”

7 thoughts on “How To Use The Elektron Digitakt As A Monster Monophonic Synthesizer

  1. I always mentioned that the MPC Live has basic synth capabilities back before it was updated with actual synthesis functionality. There is something really delightful about using sampled waveforms to create a gnarly saw-wave. That is all I ever wanted to make that way gnarly saw-waves.

    1. First thing I copied to my MPC live was the set of adventure kid single cycles. Not sure how any of this is “monster” though…

  2. You should be able to do the same thing with the Rytm, with the added benefit of 3 of the 8 voices being analog dual VCO! Would be fun to try 8 voice polyphony, but I assume that would require some outside MIDI capabilities that would route played notes to individual MIDI channels.

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