Conductive Labs NLDR In-Depth Demo

The latest loopop video takes a look at the Conductive Labs NLDR, a multi-part polyphonic arpeggiator.

The NDLR was introduced at Knobcon 2017. There, we talked with Conductive Labs’ Darryl McGee, who gave us an intro to the NDLR:

Video Summary:

NLDR (pronounced “Noodler”) from Conductive Labs is quite a sequencer, if it can be called that at all.

If I had to summarize what makes it different, whereas with a typical sequencer, you enter notes to express your ideas – with NDLR you provide the musical ideas, and it takes care of the notes for you.

By “musical ideas” I mean a key, a scale, a live or programmed chord sequences, and “motifs” – which are a combination of note interval patterns and the rhythm with which they’re played.

Of course, the biggest question is – what are the trade-offs? What are you giving up by handing over partial control of your music to NDLR?

Topics Covered:

0:00 What is NDLR?
2:15 Interface overview
6:00 Controlling Drones
7:20 Pad parameters
9:45 Motif parts
11:20 Pattern options
12:35 Editing Rhythms
14:30 Settings
15:30 Using LFOs
16:20 Mod matrix
18:40 Hardware overview
19:30 Pros and cons

Details on the NDLR are available at the Conductive Labs site.

8 thoughts on “Conductive Labs NLDR In-Depth Demo

  1. I own one of these and have found it to be really inspiring. It is different to regular sequencing, as it is supposed to be an arpeggiator; the developers are great, responsive and planning to add more features being added so I’m hopeful that it will also incorporate creating more regular sequences rather than arpeggios. I often start off trying to active a particular thing, then end off in other interesting places – a process that feels more like synth programming than conventional composition. The built in LFOs and routing options bring it close to generative composition – really good fun, and although it can act as a conventional arpeggiator I think its strengths lie elsewhere.

  2. What a great review, really spot on. We were kind of shocked by the response, and sold out all of our inventory overnight! Loopop nailed the intent and hit on most of the key features. There’s a lot going on under the hood and room for deep exploration. We’re working on getting the next batch made asap.

  3. Im so so eagerly awaiting my Noodler´s arrival- i was so fortunite, to get the second last Noodler from the upcoming septemberbatch ( i hope everything is falling to places , with the parts-china-underwear-hats & umbrellas, green salad with or without dressing etc. etc.etc. etc.) maybe an update from the lads at CONDUCTIVE LABS !? best of the best from Mikkel , Copenhagen

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