10 thoughts on “Overbridge 2.0 Sneak Preview With Digitone At SynthPlex 2019

  1. elektron product are good but incomplete: the company never upgrade the firmware of their product.
    Forr example the a4 is good synth – sequencer but has no way to send sequence on the midi out port; the machine drum has not indipendent track lenght; the digitakt has no way to ad an effect on the line in. So, this are not very important things, but sometimes would be great to see from the company an upgrade on their hardware instead of their software….
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    1. A4 is an analog sequencer and no midi out is a strategic decision not something waiting to be included in a future update. And machinedrul is discontinued. You do not update a dicontinued product because you cannot sell it anymore it’s logical. The machine drum is a finished product for years.

    2. As an Analog Keys owner, I have been amazed by the number and quality of updates that have been made to this incredible synthesizer.

      Polyphonic performance, parameter and trigger locks, Overbridge etc.

      If you want to criticize them about The sliding Overbridge 2 release date, that’s fair, but the updates to the machine itself have been fantastic!

      Also, criticizing them for not giving you a feature that was never a feature of the synth seems like buyers remorse more than a valid criticism!

    3. Elektron release more quality updates with new features than any company I’ve ever owned a synth or drum machine from over the last 25 years.

      They intentionally give the different devices different functionality so that consumers will buy more than one device. If one device did everything, then the others wouldn’t sell as much. While you might not like it, it’s almost certainly good for their sales and keeps them in business

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