WaveFront Audio Intros 16+ Channel Analog Vocoder

At SynthPlex 2019, Kazike (Gerd Peun) had one of his impressive modular synth designs on display – the dualĀ Club Of The Knobs (COTK) systems of LoLa Music Studios.

Kazike performed at the event on the modular system, but he was also at SynthPlex to introduce a new brand, WaveFront Audio, and their first product, the Sixteen Channel Spectral Vocoder:

The WaveFront Audio Sixteen Channel Spectral Vocoder builds on the classic Bode analog vocoder design, considered by many to be one of the best-sounding vocoders ever created.


  • Voiced/Unvoiced detection
  • Integrated Noise Generator for wind voices
  • Automatic recognition of symmetrical or asymmetrical program signals
  • Input gain up to 60dB (low-noise microphone amp)
  • Overload indicators for program or carrier signals
  • Audio modifier for program signals (Bass/Treble)
  • External unvoiced signal input
  • Control/Gate signal if unvoiced is detected
  • Manual freeze function of analyzer channels
  • Manual gain control and LED indicators for all analyzer channels

WaveFront Audio also introduced the Spectral Channel Manager, an optional add-on for the vocoder for enhanced channel modulations.

Details on his modular designs are available at the COTK site, while details on the vocoder are available at the WaveFront Audio site.

5 thoughts on “WaveFront Audio Intros 16+ Channel Analog Vocoder

  1. 5U is such a good size to work with. Great to see some innovation with the Channel Manager. A good working vocoder is a thing of wonder and a technology that joins the world after saving it- FACT

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