New ‘Creative MIDI Processor’ For iOS, Cality

Cality is new app for iOS, described as ‘a creative MIDI processor’.

It’s designed to let you add subtle rhythmic enhancement, controlled chaos and everything in between. Add swing or accents, quantize the pitch of notes, use a probability gate or use the cloud module to add additional notes, all under MIDI control.


  • Modify midi performances or sequencers
  • Add swing and accents
  • Filter notes by probability
  • Quantize to scales and chords
  • Transform midi notes bringing techniques from granular synthesis into the world of midi

Pricing and Availability

Cality is available now for US $6.99.

If you’ve used Cality, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it.

3 thoughts on “New ‘Creative MIDI Processor’ For iOS, Cality

  1. This is a potentially useful package to add to the quasi-modular world into which the iOS has evolved.

    It would be nice to see this expand into a 2nd panel with additional controls like internal LFOs, maybe a Pitch/PolyAT module, or a new take on an arpeggiator.

    On the horizon is Mozaic– a scriptable MIDI tool (from Bram Bos)– which might provide a nice compliment to this plugin.

  2. Didn’t try this one yet. Their last release, autony, was kinda dissapointing — I’ve probably rushed into it without research and it turned out to have a little less control over chaos that I would prefer, and yet prodused very predictable results. I mean, it’s random, yeah, but it always sounds like autony. I mean, it’s good, but not as flexible as i hoped.
    Still use it from time to time, but only coupled with Bram Bos’s midi processors from rosetta.
    Cality seems to fix some of the problems that I’ve encountered. But the audio examples still have that autony-ish feel. Maybe if someone will come up with a more creative examples, I might reconsider.

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