Aion Modular Intros Synthesizer Model 15 In Eurorack Format

Ahead of Superbooth 2019, Euro synth maker Aion Modular has introduced a version of the classic Moog Model 15 modular system in Eurorack format.

Aion Modular is brand of Portuguese-based Club Of The Knobs, a company known for their large-format systems, inspired by classic Moog modular designs. Aion has a line of Moog-inspired modules that have been redesigned for the Euro format.

The Aion Modular Model 15 is only 16 inches tall and about 5 inches deep – but retains the same key modules and functions of the original, and adds MIDI to CV/Gate support.

The intro price is 2900 euros (plus VAT, plus shipping) – about a third of the price of the reissued Moog Model 15 systems.

See the Aion Modular site for details.

via Matrixsynth

5 thoughts on “Aion Modular Intros Synthesizer Model 15 In Eurorack Format

  1. I got laughed off the Moog FB page when I asked about a similar concept a year ago. ‘Who’d want that?’ Kudos to them for actually doing it. 960 please….

    1. I asked a Moog engineer in person and even he didn’t laugh off the idea. He said it could definitely be done it was just whether or not they saw demand and wanted to go that direction.

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