Make Noise X-PAN Stereo Mixer

Make Noise has introduced the X-PAN, a 5-channel voltage controlled stereo mixer for Eurorack systems, designed for the creation of complex panoramic audio imagery.

X-PAN consists of two full featured Channels and one simpler Channel. The top two Channels each have voltage controlled cross-fading and panning while the third Channel is a stereo aux input with stereo VCA. All three Channels are combined together at the stereo SUM outputs.

X-PAN is designed to be highly responsive to control signals, allowing for exploration of the fluctuating stereo sidebands possible with Audio Rate Crossfading and Panning. X-PAN is also Direct coupled for use as a CV Processing and Routing toolbox.


  • 5 signal inputs all routed to a dynamic stereo output
  • Fully Voltage Controlled Panning, Cross-fading and Mixing
  • Easy to maintain signal integrity with high headroom, low noise circuitry
  • Highly responsive to all control signals including Audio Rate
  • Audio Rate crossfading and panning, fluctuating stereo sidebands
  • Aux Stereo Inputs controlled by Stereo VCA with Combo Pot
  • Direct Coupled for use as Complex CV router
  • Pairs well with QPAS and Morphagene

The X-PAN is priced at $259. See the Make Noise site for details.

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