8 thoughts on “Amos Gaynes On The Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer

    1. 1000. Assume that some fraction of that, though, is synths that the major music gear retailers have bought to have stock.

      If you’d been to their factory, you’d know that they don’t have space to stockpile hundreds of keyboards, and it wouldn’t make any sense financially.

      1. Funny, you wouldn’t get that from Moog’s Moog One forum. That place is notorious for nick pickers (like me). Thanks Amos!

  1. Nice interview. Amos seems like a great guy and passionate about what he does.

    People get caught up pitting company against company a lot. I’m just amazed, though, that we’ve got Moog making new high-end synths that are up there with the CS-80 and the Andromeda, AND Behringer making a $300 Minimoog module. We’re talking heavy duty sh** for every budget!

    If Moog can sell 1,000 $6,000 synths in a year, they’re going to do OK and Amos and his co-owners are going to get to create more cool stuff.

    Good times!

    1. Absolutely. Let Moog keep doing what they’re doing, let Yamaha make a new CS-80, let Sequential/DSI keep doing what they’re doing, and let Korg, Arturia, IK Multimedia, Behringer, et al. keep doing what they’re doing. Synths for everyone!

      This is really a great era for synth enthusiasts of all interests, especially analog and modular. I’m not going to spend $6K on a musical instrument (be it a synthesizer, piano, guitar, or computer/studio setup) any time soon, but I could imagine lots of people might, from professionals and studios to musicians who just enjoy playing.

  2. I was at Vintage King in Nashville yesterday and they said The One is selling great. It’s hard to keep them in stock.

  3. Not sold on this yet. Highly configurable though still not found great demos that blows it out if the water. Where to find great demo’s ? Most are noisy, harsh, overly modulated. Not sure it’s you-tube or MP3 but a Prophet/OB6/REV2 sounds way better even from their Youtube/Soundcloud demo’s, or it’s just the kind of sounds it can make even with all the many “textures” as said. Finding 1000 – brand loyal – Moog family – customers to spend $6000 isn’t really hard. Finding some to post demo’s seems seems much harder. Could be it’s just not my type of sound.

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