Soundmachines Intros A New Type Of Eurorack Module With EuroTouch Series

At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Soundmachine‘s Davide Mancini, who showed us their new EuroTouch series of Eurorack modules.

The EuroTouch series features unique lightstrip control, offering a new way to control and interact with your modular system.

Soundmachine has announced 14 EuroTouch modules:

  • T-generator –  a multi parameter Thru-Zero FMVCO.
  • T-sfilter – a 12dB/oct fully automatable stereo low-pass filter with a drive/compressor and a stereo SPREAD control.
  • T-modulator – a fully automatable quad cyclic modulation source.
  • T-formantis – comprehensive formant filter and synthesizer.
  • T-colorvca – a dual audio VCA, a saturator/distortion device and a two channel mixer.
  • T-transient – a dual transient / envelope generator with the realtime control and automation of envelope parameters.
  • T-harmonic – their take on the Harmonic Oscillator.
  • T-Sdrone – a stereo drone/noisedevice.
  • T-sspectrum – a spectral processor that can transform heavily whatever you send through it.
  • T-sslayer – a stereo distortion engine with many algorithms and saturation / clipping / glitching paths that morphs in real time under your finger control and automation.
  • T-vocoder – a classic 16/32 band vocoder that can be used with any signal, from simple monophonic tones to rich chords and full program material.
  • T-mixer – a stereo four channel panning mixer.
  • T-qvca – a quadruple VCA.
  • T-quadstrip – it packs four lightstrip engines and 4 output attenuators .

See the Soundmachines site for more information.

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