Special Waves Intros Mine S, “The World’s Most Versatile Modular MIDI Controller”

At Superbooth 2019, Special Waves introduced the Mine S, a new modular MIDI controller system. They describe it as “The World’s Most Versatile Modular Midi Controller”.

We talked with CTO Massimiliano Moioli, who gave us a quick intro to the system.

Using a swap-in/swap-out design, you can create a controller customized to your workflow for music, lighting, video editing and more. Mine S can communicate via different protocols:MIDI, HID, OSC, DMX, and the Art-net protocol. You can even control more than one software and/or protocol at a time.


  • Pick and choose which modules you need, how many, and how you want them to be configured.
  • Self-recognition of modules (Type, orientation and position)
  • Protocols available: MIDI, HID, OSC, DMX, Art-Net
  • 6 types of modules

Production of the Mine S system is being funded via an IndieGoGo campaign, which has already met its funding target. Systems are available to backers starting at US $285.

5 thoughts on “Special Waves Intros Mine S, “The World’s Most Versatile Modular MIDI Controller”

  1. I recall seeing some other products with modular control elements. This does look like a pretty rugged design. The pads with velocity and aftertouch were a nice surprise.

    My main concern would be response time; i.e., how much lag there is between working the controls and the response side of things.

    For people who have a specific needs for several different controller layouts, but don’t need tons of controls, this does look like a good option.

  2. This is great, I remember that the designer launched a Kickstarter over two years ago that did not meet its funding goal: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/345524876/mine-modular-controller

    Fortunately times have changed and with a lower funding goal they will go into production.

    It’s one of the most interesting and best-looking modular MIDI controller designs, I hope that they are very successful because I would personally like to have a unit with a much larger number of slots.

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