Synth-Werk Intros Model 15 Modular Synthesizer At Superbooth 2019

At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Gerhard Mayrhofer, who showed us the latest in Synth-Werk‘s Moog-inspired modular synthesizers.

Mayrhofer introduced his take on the classic Moog Model 15 system, and also gave us an update on his future plans for the Synth-Werk line.

Synth-Werk’s modules follow the original R.A. Moog Co. Trumansburg designs, but updated to work with both modern MU systems and vintage Moog systems.

See the Synth-Werk site for details

2 thoughts on “Synth-Werk Intros Model 15 Modular Synthesizer At Superbooth 2019

  1. Kind of amazing how many companies are doing MU format now!

    Glad this guy can keep busy with the Moog clones, but I am much more interested in new modules that expand the format into new territory. Moon is doing that with their sequencing modules, SSL with their digital modules, FSFX with their conversions, Dotcom with their ++ modules, Corsynth with their entire line, Noise Engineering with their MU stuff, etc, etc.

    The Synth-Werk modules look like fantastic options, though, and it sounds like they have lots of ideas for new types of modules, too.

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