5 thoughts on “Ian Boddy, Live At The Gatherings

  1. Great composition, with which synth the rythm is made ? And which major synth are used in this song ?

  2. Sounds are quite HQ and crisp possibly coming from VST’s in the laptop… I doubt any analog could do those sounds which were quite appealing for my ears

    1. Tried to change my above reply. I meant that many of the sounds are quite sharp and that possilbly some digital or modern hardware is in the mix (I can see him play the A6…I know). Thanks,

  3. The Concert Series is called “The Gatherings” and not “The Gathering.”
    Also, he is using Ableton Live, a Folktek Resonant Garden, Moog Voyager, a small portable case full of euro modules and an M-Audio 88 key controller. Mostly borrowed…the controller, Folktek and Some Euro modules were mine, so this is how I know.

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