Mellowsound Software Mellotron Now Available For Mac

Fingerlab has released Mellowsound for MacOS, an emulation of the Mellotron tape playback keyboard.

Mellowsound was previously released for iOS as a free download.

With Mellowsound for MacOS, you can play Mellotron in your favorite DAW as an Audio Unit or as a standalone virtual instrument.


  • 18 instruments (including Sad Strings, Electric guitar, Vibraphone and many moreā€¦)
  • Classical Mellotron settings: Volume, Tone & Pitch
  • 3 FX: Tremolo, Delay & Reverb
  • Mixer (instrument & Metronome, Volume & Pan)
  • Live Recording & Metronome
  • Midi support
  • Audio Unit support

Pricing and Availability

Mellowsound is available now for MacOS for US $7.99. It’s also available for iOS.

3 thoughts on “Mellowsound Software Mellotron Now Available For Mac

  1. If you just need a small dab of Mellotron, this could be plenty, but consider the Mellotron that comes with Logic now and much moreso, G-Media M-Tron Pro. Even the base set is hefty and very ear-opening beyond what most people think of as the usual territory. If you really need a ‘tron, go for the biggie. I’m three years in and still finding fun uses for it.

  2. Hah! So’s the president. Its a Big Mac world. No, I meant M-Tron Pro. I’ve played a real Mellotron and its a bit mystical for sure, but one snarled tape in the rack and POOF! This is a case where the plug-ins outweigh the real deal for anything but a purist studio situation. A real Markus Resch Mellotron runs $6800 dollars & up and plays a max of three sounds. An M4000D mini is about $2000. M-Tron Pro is $149, plus host computer. If your wife comes home and learns that you dropped $6800 on a ‘tron, judges dismiss the case if she harpoons you for it.

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