Free Print Magazine For Electronic Musicians, Waveform, Now Available

Waveform –  a new print magazine for electronic musicians – is now available.

Waveform Magazine is now available.

Waveform is a free quarterly print magazine about ‘synthesizers and those who inhabit that world’.

The print subscription is advertiser-supported and is free to all US subscribers. Subscribers outside the US can get the magazine in digital format.

We talked with Editor Ellison Wolf at SynthPlex 2019, and he said his vision was to do something similar to Tape Op magazine, but focused on synths and electronic musicians.

Issue #1 features interviews with: Suzanne Ciani, Dave Smith, Folktek, Noise Reap, and 4ms. It also features a section on synth DIY, DivKid’s “Underrated”, Shop Talk, gear reviews, music reviews, and more.

You can subscribe at the Waveform site.

19 thoughts on “Free Print Magazine For Electronic Musicians, Waveform, Now Available

  1. I already have the first issue and its a fine addition to the field. That goes double for modular players. It contains multiple detailed reviews of various new goodies for which you’ll have major Gear Lust. The interviews are top-notch as well. Its a no-brainer ‘Get It’ thang.

  2. I used to get the TapeOp mag once upon a time long ago, good stuff. So if this is the model I might check it out.

  3. Https bought the first issue. Very well put together and researched. Unfortauntely, the subject matter was completely uninteresting to me. Good niche magazine though.

  4. Subscribing to the PDF version was painless. I was too late to get the first issue, so I decided to kick down for it ($3 for pdfs of back issues).

    1. Me too. Definitely worth the $3. As someone getting curios about possibly getting into modular I found it very interesting. Bought a t-shirt as well lol.

  5. I hope all issues are not mainly modular. Hope there are some that are more desktop and keyboard synth focused as well, as I have almost no interest in modular. I like the pedal inclusion, hope to see more.

  6. Got issue #1 in the mail yesterday, finished reading it today. Very excited by many of the ideas contained within! It is obvious to me that the people responsible for this magazine love what they do. Kudos!

  7. Agree with the above. It’s a wonderful read. I love that it is modular focused. My only criticism is of the layout: Colored fonts on dark pages are very hard on the eyes.

    1. I’d bet that they need to have some basic level of authentication to verify that someone signing up is a real person.

      If you have a form on your web site, spam bots WILL fill out your forms with bogus information. And if you have an advertising-supported magazine, it’s critical to your advertisers that you aren’t sending magazines to “Mickey Mouse”.

      This seems entirely reasonable to me, especially if they don’t spam you with a bunch of BS. You’re getting something for nothing, and it’s reasonable that they have to have a way to make that happen!

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