Free Brooklyn Synth Expo This Weekend, June 8-9, 2019

The 6th annual Brooklyn Synth Expo is happening this weekend, June 8-9 at Brooklyn’s Lytehouse Studios.

The free event will feature synths launched at Berlin’s Superbooth, a synthesizer showcase and marketplace, workshops, live performances and more. The event also features the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, so attendees can try out the latest effects pedals.

The show also offers musicians an opportunity to get new electronic gear at a discount through the participating vendors.

Workshop and Presentations:

This year’s Brooklyn Synth and Pedal Expo, scheduled for June 8-9, will feature for the first time a series of presentations and workshops, curated in collaboration with Synthtopia.

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday 06.08

Workshop Room

12:00 PM IK Multimedia – Presenting the UNO Drum
1:00 PM 343 – Class: Integrating Hardware Synthesizers with a DAW for Live Performance
2:00 PM Roland – TR-8S Masterclass
3:00 PM Spectrasonics – Making Killer Bass Patches in Omnisphere 2.6
4:00 PM Pioneer DJ – The new Toraiz SQUID
5:00 PM ROLI Product Presentation

Live Stage

2:00 PM ROLI – MPE and the new frontiers of expression
3:00 PM Gamechanger – Presenting the Motor Synth
4:00 PM STEM Modular – Eurorack for beginners workshop

6:30 PM Lisa Bella Donna Live – Sponsored by Moog and EarthQuaker Devices

Sunday 06.09

Workshop Room

12:00 PM Lisa Bella Donna Mixing pedals and synths
1:00 PM Novation – Presenting the SUMMIT
2:00 PM Arturia – Presenting the MicroFreak
3:00 PM Yamaha – Understanding FM synthesis
4:00 PM 343 – Creative Software Synthesis Techniques in Practice

Live Stage

10.00 PM Pedal Builders Panel + Networking
12:00 PM Eurorack Patch and Tell
1:00 PM Eurorack Patch and Tell
2:00 PM STEM Modular Eurorack for intermediate synthesists
3:00 PM Sensel – Product Presentation

See the official event schedule for the latest updates.

Note: Attendance to the Synth Expo is free, but you need to RSVP. Complete information can be found on the Brooklyn Synth Expo site.

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