Lisa Bella Donna, Live At The Brooklyn Synth Expo

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live improvisation by synthesist Lisa Bella Donna, at the 2019 Brooklyn Synth Expo.

We shared an excerpt of the performance last week and people asked for more, so we touched base with her and got the OK to share the full performance.

Bella Donna’s performance features a streamlined setup of a Moog Matriarch synthesizer and effects pedals from Earthquaker Devices. But the ‘Sonic Sorceress’ coaxes a huge range of sounds and moods from her rig, from ambient textures, to prog leads, to primal wails.

Bella Donna recently wrapped up a tour of Japan with Boris and has two new albums out on Bandcamp. You can follow her work via her site.

Music copyright Lisa Bella Donna and used by permission.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Bella Donna, Live At The Brooklyn Synth Expo

  1. THAT is how you do it.

    Love how Bella Donna can melt faces and follow it up with a soothing soundscape balm.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Which Earthquaker Devices pedals is she using. I’d like to get a better idea as to which sounds are more the Moog than the Earthquaker Devices pedals…is it just the reverb/delay?

    1. She mentions at the end that she’s using the Avalanche Run (delay and reverb), and the Pyramids flanger/phaser.

      The Matriarch has a built-in analog delay line. It sounded like she made use of that, too.

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