6 thoughts on “Imogen Heap Live

  1. Nice, I never do this, but since I have been unemployed for quite a while now, I’m selling one of her Electrix Looper in case some one is interested. GBYA

  2. Imogen Heap is a masterful and innovative artist.

    I wonder how her embracing of Mi.Mu gloves has affected her creative process and workflow. She does seem to enjoy it. If I close my eyes, I’m not sure I would hear anything “unique” about the results. But how it feels when you are doing it is not to be underestimated, I suppose.

    1. I saw her in concert here in NYC recently and she said the gloves were more about giving her the freedom to move about the stage without giving up the ability to control her instruments and effects which would normally require her to stand in front of her synths and controllers. BTW, don’t give up the chance to see her perform live. Not only does she put on a great show but she loves to talk to the audience between every song and talk about her tech.

  3. Imogen Heap is a front runner in new technology. Very much enjoy her work. Performance is pretty standard until 12:50 then it turns into something really phenomenal. Thank you for posting this performance.

  4. That first song is very pretty. Hadn’t heard that one before. Always liked the Frou Frou records.

    Saw her about 13 years ago in support of Speak for Yourself. She definitely had some interesting gadgets and electronic gizmos on stage with her. I suppose the gloves were just a natural evolution. I think they suit her quite well but as a guy who likes to perform live hunched over grooveboxes, banging out techno, I would feel really silly. Still a really cool thing though.

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