SOMA Laboratory LYRA-8 Organismic Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the SOMA Laboratory LYRA-8 Organismic Synthesizer.

SOMA designer Vlad Kreimer describes himself as a ‘sound artist’, and he started off designing instruments to meet his performance needs. As a result, his instrument designs feature unusual capabilities and unique performance approaches.

As the video notes, “LYRA-8 from SOMA Laboratories is no normal synth – its modulation, LFO, delay and voices are for better or worse, quite unlike anything else.”

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro jam
1:35 Overview
4:55 Envelope control
7:45 Modulation
11:00 Cross mod
12:35 Vibrato
13:10 Total feedback
13:30 Hyper LFO
14:25 Delay controls
15:45 Delay modulation
17:05 Drive
17:35 External in
18:45 Hold gate
19:05 CV Delay
19:55 CV Voices
21:00 Pros & cons
22:50 Outro jam

See the SOMA site for more information.

4 thoughts on “SOMA Laboratory LYRA-8 Organismic Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Loopop does the best demos – I’ve now become a Patreon.

    But this synth is really not my cup of tea, much as I like the experimental nature of it, I’d like a v2 with MIDI, 8-note polyphony, stereo outs (à la DSI, can just pan every other voice hard left or right) and then keep the rest of the funky modulations & feedback just as they are.

    1. It’s not my cup of tea simply because I can’t afford it….otherwise its great, but more features would be fun.

  2. This demo vid has convinced me to add the Lyra 8 to the gear pile. I think I will search for a black one, with silver faced knobs. Like Bob intended.

    I’ve been having a wonderful time with SOMA’s Ether.

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