Puremagnetik Intros Fathoms Spectral Ambient Processor

Puremagnetik has introduced Fathoms, an ambient processor that they say can turn anything into a glacial soundscape, harmonic drone or endless pitch-shifted space.

Fathoms spectrally processes incoming audio and routes it through a resonating, physically modeled space. Within the defined dimensions, it can pitch shift and send audio through a complex delay matrix.

The sound can be further augmented through filtering, spectral freezing and amplitude modulation. You can dive into deep sound design or simply use Fathoms as a reverb effect.

Pricing and Availability

Fathoms is available with an intro price of US $8 (normally $20).

10 thoughts on “Puremagnetik Intros Fathoms Spectral Ambient Processor

  1. I thought first mmmh 8$ for this plugin do i really need it 😛 😛 😛 than i watched the video and thought ok 8$ is a fair price lets go and support the devs and buy and than i see its 8$ a month xD

  2. You can buy without signing up for Sperk. I just did. I do have an account and have purchasd several of their plug ins. I’m a fan, but that is just my opinion.

  3. I think after a month, the plugins becomes available as regular sale & download for $20, if I’m right by looking at their other plugins available for $20. I am not sure though… I don’t like their No Demo model though, it’s pretty much a blind guess just by listening to their very limited audio examples, which I am not a fan of.

  4. anyone know what the latency is like? couldn’t find anything on the website, but then the help box is broken on ios so who knows

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