How To Use Ableton Live CV Tools To Control Analog Analog Synths

Moog Music today shared a series of videos, demonstrating how to integrate analog synths like the Mother 32 and DFAM with Ableton Live, using Live’s new CV Tools feature.

CV Tools updates Live with a variety of tools for sequencing and syncing with analog gear. Moog’s new videos show how CV Tools lets you combing Live with modular and semi-modular gear to get the best of both worlds. The videos show how you can synchronize, modulate, trigger, and play your modular hardware synthesizer with Ableton Live.


Mother-32 | Modulate your synth with CV Tools

Modulate your Eurorack format synthesizer using CV Tools’ CV LFO device and a DC coupled audio interface. You can call up multiple CV modulators on a single audio track, stacking CV LFOs and Modulation Envelopes to create expressive analog modulations.

DFAM | Build a synth drum rack using CV Tools

Learn how to extract audio from a CV Tools sync’d Eurorack format synthesizer to design your own custom drum rack of synthesized drum samples.

DFAM | Calibrate Ableton’s CV Tools to your synth

Learn how to calibrate the CV Instrument device in Ableton’s CV Tools to control the oscillators of your Eurorack format synthesizer for tracking across multiple octaves.

DFAM | Play your synth from Push using CV Tools

Learn how to use the CV Instrument device Ableton’s CV Tools pack to control your Eurorack format synthesizer from Ableton using analog Pitch and Gate control voltages.

DFAM | How to Tempo Sync your synth with Ableton Using CV Tools

Learn how to set up your Eurorack format synthesizer as an External Audio instrument in Ableton Live while syncing to Ableton’s clock using the CV Clock Out device from Ableton’s CV Tools.

CV Tools is available now via the Ableton site. You can find out more about the DFAM & Mother-32 at the Moog Music site.

7 thoughts on “How To Use Ableton Live CV Tools To Control Analog Analog Synths

  1. Can we expect a flood of DC coupled audio interfaces now? I can see the marketing…”Modular Ready”…”Bring analog and digital together…”. Not complaining…make a lot of them…and cheap…

  2. Since the DFAM doesn’t have MIDI, this is actually very useful for a lot of users who work with a computer/DAW environment.

    1. stretta vcvi – 2011
      K-Devices Modulators – 1st device is from 2012, bundled 2016
      stretta BEAP – 2013
      Spektro Audio CV Devices – 2013
      Spektro Audio CV Toolkit – 2014
      Max For Cats OSCiLLOT – 2015
      Skinnerbox Time & Timbre – 2016

      Bitwig 2 – 2017

      And of course, could always load this VST: Expert Sleepers Silent Way – 2009

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