Deckard’s Voice Eurorack Module Now Available To Pre-order

The Black Corporation has opened up pre-orders for their recently introduced Deckard’s Voice Eurorack module.

Deckard’s Voice is described as “an entry level semi-modular synth from Black Corporation, for Eurorack systems. Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as it’s bigger brother Deckard’s Dream, trimmed down for eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format.”


  • VCO with pulse, glitch saw and sine outputs
  • Dedicated LFO for PWM
  • Noise source
  • external audio input to a filter
  • Discrete hipass and lowpass filters with resonance and IL-AL-ADR envelope
  • LFO with sine, saw, ramp, square, smooth and stepped random output
  • output VCA with ADSR envelope and velocity control over volume
  • ADSR (0-10V) and LFO (-5V/+5V) outputs
  • master and line level outputs
  • 32HP size
  • +12/-12V standard Eurorack power

Pricing and Availability

The Deckard’s Dream is available to pre-order for US $699 and is expected to ship in Nov 2019.

7 thoughts on “Deckard’s Voice Eurorack Module Now Available To Pre-order

  1. I’m a little dubious about what amounts to a single CS-80 voice, having had a chance to play the original a bit. Its clearly not meant to serve the same purpose, so you have to bring some very focused synth-luv to the table here. Its easy to imagine pairing this with an MOK Waverazor to great effect. From hearing Black Corp.’s full “CS-80”, they got the sound right, so I’d like to loosely contrast this with the brassier Oberheim and flute-y ARP hardware options.

  2. it’s a bit ironic that this post is right above the Minilogue XD, they are roughly the same price, the XD is a poly and has loads of features but for some reason i kind of want Deckard’s voice more…

  3. Website specs list – 19” rackmountable.
    Bingo. No “game” lol, just some common sense applied to basic gear design 101.

  4. I find that front panel very confusing to make out because the labels like LOW/HIGH, LONG/SHORT are distracting from the actual control name.

    1. Get serious! Behringer just apologized on Facebook because their Odyssey knockoff took over 5 years to ship, and it’s still not available in the US.

      And after all that, it’s still a knockoff.

      This will be vintage by the time Behringer does a CS-80 knockoff, and then the ‘BS-80’ will still be a knockoff.

      Check out what Behringer synths are selling for on Reverb – literally half of their original prices. Tells you something, doesn’t it?

      1. Only the DeepMind is selling at half the cost because its still profitable at that price and is their oldest synth. Synths like the Model D and Neutron have not cut in half. Sadly, when they discontinue the DeepMind jerks are going to scalp and raose the price used a few hundred bucks…..just like they did with the awful Akai Timbre Wolf….and the DeepMind actually is a much more useful synth.

        You are wrong about the quality but the time to make them usually drags on forever. The only synth they were way off the mark with so fsr was the 101 clone.

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