Buchla Red Panel Eurorack Module Test Drive

In this video, Buchla expert Todd Barton takes six new Buchla USA Red Panel Eurorack modules for a test drive.

The Buchla Red Panel line is designed to recreate classic Buchla Series 100 module designs, but in a format that’s affordable and compatible with modern Eurorack systems. We have not heard any suggestion, though, that they will recreate the more esoteric functions of original Buchla systems.

We talked with Barton at the 2019 NAMM Show, where he gave us an overview of the new line of modules:

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced, but our Buchla contact told us at NAMM that they expect that most of the modules will be priced in the range of $300-500.

2 thoughts on “Buchla Red Panel Eurorack Module Test Drive

  1. hmmm interesting color pallet and layout. never owning or using a bucla when i look at them i am down to the colors and layout and color coded outputs and imputes and so on but none of that affects the sound but i imagine it affects your patching though process.

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