Spitfire Audio Intros Symphonic Organ Virtual Instrument

Spitfire Audio has introduced Symphonic Organ, a new virtual instrument designed for creating “that awe-inspiring cinematic sound made famous in blockbuster scores such as Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Tron“.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Presenting the Rugby School Chapel organ — a monstrous, 3,721-pipe, cathedral-sized organ housed in an intimate chapel — creating an epic but immediate sound like no other.

To capture the unique depth, power and beauty of this organ, we teamed up with world-renowned composer, producer and organ expert Andy Richards, who has curated stop combinations for instant playability, enabling you to get the best out of this beautifully-voiced instrument. His impressive discography includes work on huge film scores, including Slumdog Millionaire, and records by iconic artists from Grace Jones to George Michael.

Every pitch has been recorded with multiple mic positions for ultimate realism and control, accompanied by 50 mind-bending warped presets presented in our eDNA engine.”

Here’s an in-depth walkthrough:

Pricing and Availability

Symphonic Organ is available with an intro price of $179 (normally $249). The introductory offer is available until September 12th 2019.

5 thoughts on “Spitfire Audio Intros Symphonic Organ Virtual Instrument

  1. Though my fascination with large pipe organ installations (no pun intended, no “that’s what he/she said,” please!) is probably due to the extraordinary range, depth of tones/timbres, epic reverberation, and all the cultural associations and gravitas that goes along with it.

    I think it could be interesting to combine an instrument like this with other instruments that would “clash” culturally– like middle-eastern percussion, banjo, sitar, kazoo, rap, etc. Go!

  2. Your video is very well done. Since you have recorded every pipe in the organ, have you considered making a conventional virtual organ for the Hauptwerk platform? If this is out of your wheelhouse, perhaps you could partner with one of the companies that offers virtual organs.

  3. I’ve never come across a VST like this one. A virtual orchestral/cathedral organ is something I have always wanted. Can’t swing for the cash right now though. Damn.

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