Roland MC-707 Groovebox In-Depth Demo & Review

The latest loopop video takes a look at the recently introduced Roland MC-707 groovebox.

The MC-707 Groovebox offers eight-track recording, sequencing, sampling, synthesizers, and studio-grade effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases.

The video covers the MC-707’s Ableton Live-style grid, sound design using both synth and drum tracks, live looping and more.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:25 Overview
2:00 Connectivity
2:45 Grid layout
4:20 Scenes
4:45 Track types
5:30 Preset sounds
7:40 Sound design
8:00 Tone engine
14:00 Drum engine
15:00 Sequencing
16:15 Step params
18:05 Clip params
19:40 Step sequencing
20:20 Live looping
22:10 Stretch & pitch
23:55 Sample trim
24:20 Automation
25:50 Pad modes
26:50 Scatter
27:30 Master effects
28:30 Send & return
29:50 MIDI sequencing
30:40 Pros & cons

Pricing and Availability

The MC-707 is expected to be available starting in September for $999.99.

23 thoughts on “Roland MC-707 Groovebox In-Depth Demo & Review

  1. Ok, the price isnt seeming so crazy now with all the complexity they packed in this box. Before this video $999 seemed pretty high, but they put work into this box and its looking pretty good now.

  2. Why have the been no comparisons to MPC live yet? It seems to be multitimbral which could make it a killer of the former

    1. because everyone else understands what the MPC is…. which is quite far from this very expressive Rompler/synth/ 6-8min of sampletime groove box. No body in their right mind that is looking for an MPC is looking for this or vice versa.

      1. you are actually doing a comparison here … and differences are not that large: rompler –> internal preloaded content, synth –> synth, 6-8 min –> below 20 min. i got you at expressive though, this thing has way more dials that actually do something

  3. Looks really cool but for a little less money it seems like the Deluge has more going on. I don’t have one but I could be wrong. The looper on Deluge 3.0 looks cool and I’m wondering if the Toland will be able to do the same sort of thing.

  4. Now is for the others to respond in kind – I am thinking Maschine MK4 (Standalone), Ableton 3, Circuit Pro, Deluge MK2. I had given up hope on Toraiz though.

  5. Almost everything I’m looking for, but not possible to do a concert with, because of the loading time between projects … too bad for a groovebox

    1. Did the video say something about slow loading times? I must have missed it. I suppose an external delay or looper could be used to extend the tail of a performance while you load the next. Or if you’re a pro I guess you’d have two of them, lol

  6. The cat+dog seem now to be all back into standalone sequencer hardware. Feels a bit Roland taking the supernatural hardware combine it with functions from TR series, add a sequencer and stuck it into Aira livery. Since Aira is focused on machines for live did Roland just give up on ACB ?

  7. I also came to give back handed praise and trash talk a product I have not tried. What the fuck happened to this site? Should just turn comments off.

    1. Did we watch the same video ?
      1 insert effect per part + EQ per part
      Sends are Reverb and Chorus/Delay (2 send effects)
      MFX – Single main / Master effect
      3 Band EQ on Master
      1 external send out with stereo return in for an added external send/return fx bus 9for pedals, rack fx etc…..

        1. Each track gets its own Independent Insert Effect + EQ
          These can in turn be send via Send/Return to a Reverb Effect and a separate Chorus/Delay Unit.
          You also get an External Send + Return (Stereo) to feed the tracks to an external FX loop.
          The whole unit also has a Master Compresser, Master Effect and 3 Band EQ.
          The knobs are configurable as shown and I’d need to rewatch the video to see the assignments he is using.
          Hope that helps.

  8. I would love it if someone would review the MC-101–it seems pretty intriguing, especially since it has the same engine as the 707.

  9. I like the direction things are starting to go…standalone sequencing and sampling has been everyones request that hasn’t been listing all too long. I wish ableton would just make a movie push. Everyone is just copying what they are doing.

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